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  1. Lukeblackhill

    I Source of Energy in a Field of Forces

    Could you explain that in more detail, please? I haven’t found a good material on the matter.
  2. Lukeblackhill

    I Source of Energy in a Field of Forces

    good evening! My question is the following: it is well stated that energy is conserved in any isolated system, and we can in most circumstances expand our system to a many-steps conversion of energy, but always conserved. The classic example could be the energy of the sun stored in form of...
  3. Lukeblackhill

    I Changes in Hooke's Law

    Morning, I've come across this statement in Berkeley Physics Course, Vol.1 - Cp. 5 (pg.149): "For sufficiently small displacements such a force may be produced by a stretched or compressed spring. For large elastic displacements we must add terms in higher powers of x to Eq. (,5.19): Fx = -...
  4. Lukeblackhill

    B Who drew the first model of the atom?

    The first scientist to have a glimpse of the true nature of the atoms was Rutherford. In his experiments (called the Geiger-Mardsen experiments) in 1908, when using golden foils and alpha particles he was able to determine the localization of the positive part of the atom, as the centre of it...
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    I Where does the energy go to?

    Thank you, @sophiecentaur.
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    I Where does the energy go to?

    Morning, I was thinking about a simple example of inelastic collision: A ball of mass m1, moving with a certain velocity v1, collides and sticks with another mass m2, at rest. The whole system (m1 + m2) will then move with a certain speed v3. If we take m1=m2, so that after the collision we...
  7. Lukeblackhill

    I Separation of Fluids in a Centrifuge

    Morning Mates, I have a question based in a statement take from Berkeley Physics Course, Vol.1 - Mechanics, pg. 102-103, where it reads, "Suspended molecules whose density (mass/volume) is different from that of the surrounding liquid will experience in the ultracentrifuge cell a strong force...
  8. Lukeblackhill

    I Why there's No Unified Theory ?

    @Arman777 , our current unified fiel theory comprises electromagnetism, the week nuclear force and the strong nuclear force. The problem of gravity is, first...its order of strength is much smaller than the other ones. That means that, on atomic and subatomic scales (where the other forces may...