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  1. Janus

    Early Apollo design concept

    In the TIL thread, I posted a link which had a number of imaged of an early proposal for the Apollo program. I thought I'd use them to do a few renders of what it might have looked like, and point out some of the major differences from the final version. First, what the craft in fully...
  2. Janus

    Cue "The Blue Danube"

    A quick clip from an animation I'm working on. In order to get under the file size limit, I just lifted a section from it and resized it smaller. The plans for the final version will have it both larger and longer in length. (starting from further away, and passing completely through the station. )
  3. Janus

    Animated "Chess"

    The reply by @Vanadium 50 to thread by @PeroK about Using Python for Chess inspired me to try my hand at recreating that Star Wars chess scene. This is my somewhat ham-handed attempt. The "Chessmen" are only somewhat similar to the ones in the actual movie, But I wasn't going for a exact copy...
  4. Janus

    The Watch

    So, I've been seeing a couple of teaser ad for this on TV lately. And it wasn't till yesterday that one actually peeked my interest. It had a short clip of a hooded figure interacting with a character. What was said and how it was said caught my attention. Then I thought about the title of...
  5. Janus

    Got the new Microsoft Flight Sim for Christmas

    It was a gift from my daughter and her boyfriend. I had the older Flight Simulator X, and the timing of the release of this new version coincided with my getting a new computer. I'll have to say that I am impressed. Even though I'm not running the graphics at the full realism setting, I was...
  6. Janus

    The difference a new computer makes for 3D rendering

    Just recently, I finally upgraded my 7+ year old computer. I was able to find a good deal on a HP Omen, with a Geforce RTX 2060 graphics card. So, not only was I able to upload the latest build of Blender, but I was able to go back and tweak some renders I had done with the old computer. For...
  7. Janus

    AT-AT model V2.0

    A bit over two years ago I began using Blender on a more regular basis for doing 3-D modeling. One of the first models I did was of an AT-AT from the Star Wars movies. This is the result: In the time since, I've honed my skills some, learned a bit more about Blender, and picked up a couple...
  8. Janus

    "Where No Hare Has Gone Before"

    "I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Aldebaran!" As of late I've been trying my hand at recreating some of the matte paintings used in the original Star trek series as 3D renderings. Above is first one I did. It turned out to be a bit trickier than I first thought. Since this was a...
  9. Janus

    Destination Moon (or at least Tukwila, WA)

    Drove up today to The Museum of Flight in Tukwila, WA ( a 3 hour drive) to see their temporary exhibit to honor the anniversary of the Moon landing. First up, Major Matt Mason! They had a collection of space related toys from the time, and I couldn't resist snapping a photo, as I had one as a...
  10. Janus

    Enterprise bridge render

    A couple of weeks ago another poster (@ElliotSmith) posted a 3D model he did of a reactor control room in Blender. This inspired me to do a model of a different kind or "control room", the bridge of the starship Enterprise. The model is not fully complete as many of the areas not shown in...
  11. Janus

    You can't go home again.

    Recent experience has shown me just how true this is. Last week, We took a short trip to the beach. We took a different route than we usually do, one that took us through an area where I lived from 6th -12th grade. I took the opportunity to drive my wife past the house we used to live in. It...
  12. Janus

    More up close and personal

    In the photo contest this week I posted a picture of some Mt. St. Helens volcanic ash taken with the macro feature of my camera. This got me thinking. Several years ago I rescued an microscope that was headed for the trash heap. It is this Bristol model 8821. I put it in the attic and forgot...
  13. Janus

    Escher in 3D

    I've been a fan of M.C. Escher's art for a long time, and ever since I got into doing 3D rendering, I have done various attempts at doing reproductions of some of his pieces to varying degrees of success. One of the problems I had was doing realistic looking human figures. I recently came...
  14. Janus

    News My science Field trip

    As those of you who followed the Eclipse thread likely know, I went to Lincoln City OR to catch the solar eclipse. We arrived early Sunday and just got home today. Having some time to kill, we expanded the trip to beyond just the Eclipse. First stop was a used bookstore, where I found this...
  15. Janus

    Tell us about your Dad

    I did this on for Mother's Day, and I figured I would be remiss not follow up on for Father's day. Tell us about your Dad. Like last time, I'll go first: He was born in 1908, the last of nine children born to Finnish immigrants. He had one older brother who died as a child before Dad was...
  16. Janus

    Tell us about your Mom

    It being Mother's day weekend, I thought I'd create a thread where we can share about our Moms. I'll go first: She was born in 1917, the 4th of 11 children born to Finnish immigrants. She had 2 sisters and 8 brothers, but both of her sisters died in childhood. She was born and raised on a...
  17. Janus

    Photos from visit to Star Trek exhibit.

    My wife and I drove up to Seattle recently to see this exhibit at the EMP celebrating 50 years of Star Trek. Here are some pictures of some of what they had on display. Kirk and McCoy's uniforms, Original captain's chair, and helm/navigation console from bridge. Uniform and props from Deep...
  18. Janus

    Insights How Representative is the Night Sky? - Comments

    Janus submitted a new PF Insights post How Representative is the Night Sky? Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  19. Janus

    Insights Measuring How Many Days Are in a Year - Comments

    Janus submitted a new PF Insights post Measuring How Many Days Are in a Year Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  20. Janus

    Sign the SF writer stamp series petition

    Here's a petition trying to get the USPS to run a stamp series honoring SF/Horror writers, editors and artists. It sure beats the hell out of another series of flowers...
  21. Janus

    When coincidence strikes.

    Okay, get this: A while back, while on vacation, we stopped at a outlet mall on the way home. I picked up a couple of books. After getting home, I realized that one of the books was the second in series. I went to our local large used and new book store to see if I could get the first...
  22. Janus

    Fantastic Contraption II

    Some of you may remember when we played around with version one of this game a while back, well now there is a version two with added features (magnets as components for one) and new challenges. It can be found here: [Broken] For those not already...
  23. Janus

    Smoke detector sets itself off.

    Okay, I'm at work and I get a phone call from my daughter. Our smoke detector had gone off for no apparent reason. Unfortunately, it is the type that runs off of house current and the only way to turn it off is to turn the breaker off. However, that breaker also supplies power to the whole...
  24. Janus

    Slow people.

    Just a bit of a rant here: I've come to the conclusion that slow people drive me crazy. For example, the guy that you are waiting on to cross the street and who ambles across like he's on a sight-seeing tour. I'm not talking about people who just can't walk any faster, like the elderly, but...
  25. Janus

    Bad evening

    Just a little bit after her leaving the house, I got a call from my wife that she'd been in an accident. A car in front of her slowed to turn into a parking lot and when she slowed down, she was rear-ended by the car behind. I got in my car and drove over. The Police were already there and...
  26. Janus

    Milestone passed

    After having it in my sights for a while (even more so since the recent economic downturn), I passed a critical milepost today. As of a little more than an hour ago, when my work day finished, I am eligible to retire with full benefits. Not that I plan to retire yet, but is a relief to have...
  27. Janus

    The LOST drinking game

    The "LOST" drinking game I was watching LOST last night and something occurred that happens quite regularly on the show, and it got me thinking about drinking games. So I started a list of rules for a LOST drinking game. If anything on the following list happens while watching LOST, you...
  28. Janus

    Season's Greetings [Broken]
  29. Janus

    Fantastic Contraption

    I found a fun little internet game called "Fantastic Contraption". The goal is to get one or more objects from one area of the playing area to another by a contraption that you make from selected components. A simple example: (hit...
  30. Janus

    News Redwood trip photos.

    I just got back from a camping trip to the Redwoods National Park and thought I'd share some photos we took: Looking up at some of the tall trees in the park:" [Broken](vertigo advisory) Walking...