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    I Stability of matter

    This is going to be a rather simple question about the understanding of covalent bonds. Let's take the simplest molecule - H2 which is gas. According to quantum mechanics, the two atoms in the molecule each share 1 electron with the other atom and those 2 electrons exist in the form of...
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    I Macroscopicity and the measurement problem

    Assuming the validity of the Heisenberg-von Nuemann cut, does the measurement problem influence the macroscopic nature of the macro world? Quantum effects, roughly speaking, 'lose' their quantum nature over the many degrees of freedom of many-particles systems(cars, chairs...) via averaging out...
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    I Traveling through Spacetime

    Just wanted to point out that i have never seen a better depiction of Einsteinian gravity, if a little hard to swallow and somewhat baffling to human intuition. In the following experiment prof. Brian Cox(he used to be on this forum?) says: "Isaac Newton would say that the ball and the feather...
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    B Photons as bullets at 10 trillion FPS (frames per second)

    The following extraordinary experiment from Caltech highlights the 'classical' behaviour of light(photons) travelling through medium. It vindicates the notion that photons(at least from our limiting human perspective) do behave the same way as other quanta(much like ordinary 'matter' - chairs...