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  1. tandoorichicken

    Cold box power problem

    Hello all, I'm having a bit of a problem on a class design project. We have to design a mini-fridge for developing coutries that runs on its own power and must cost under $100 ideally (it can go over if necessary). My group decided to use a hand-crank powered thermoelectric module and fan...
  2. tandoorichicken

    Hand crank generator

    Hello all, I have to design a hand crank generator to produce power for some downstream application. The amount of power is on the order of that needed for anything between a heavy-duty flashlight to one of those desktop mini-fridges that hold one soda can. Thing is, I'm drawing a blank on...
  3. tandoorichicken

    Spring constants

    Basic engineering question. For any average spring (say, in an industrial setting), is the spring constant in compression about equivalent to the spring constant in extension?
  4. tandoorichicken

    Bode Plot Plotting

    Homework Statement I have to plot some data for a lab writeup. It's based on the frequency response of fluid catheter-transducer systems. Part of this writeup includes making Bode plots for the gain and phase shift. I know how to plot my data; the problem that I am having is that I want to try...
  5. tandoorichicken

    Pressure in a column of water

    Homework Statement I feel like I'm doing something seriously wrong here.:uhh: How tall must a column of water be to generate a pressure of 100mmHg? Homework Equations P = pgh, I think, is the only necessary equation. The Attempt at a Solution So..... 100mmHg = 1 kg/m3 * 9.81...
  6. tandoorichicken

    555 Astable Circuit question

    Hello. I have a question about an astable oscillator made with a 555 timer IC. According to a National Instruments website, the off-duty cycle for an astable oscillator is Rb / (Ra + 2Rb) and the frequency is 1/(0.7*(Ra + 2Rb)*C), where Ra is the resistor in between pin 7 and the power...
  7. tandoorichicken

    Debris in circulation

    At a high shear rate, red blood cells become elongated and oriented in one direction, facilitating smooth blood flow. However, at a high enough shear rate, the cells will become so strained that a part of the cell membrane pinches off. This often occurs in poorly designed medical devices that...
  8. tandoorichicken

    Impedance and frequency-domain

    Homework Statement This is a general question regarding impedance in circuit analysis. I know that in order to find the total impedance of a circuit, you transform each element characteristic into the frequency domain, i.e., R\rightarrow Z_R = R, C\rightarrow Z_C = \frac{1}{Cs} ...
  9. tandoorichicken

    First-order ODE

    Homework Statement It's been a couple years since diff. eq. Any tips/strategies on solving the first-order ODE: K\frac{dp(t)}{dt} + \frac{p(t)}{R} = Q_0 \sin{(2\pi t)} where K, R and Q_0 are constants?
  10. tandoorichicken

    Stumped by units

    Of all the evil things that I could be stuck on, its not even bad arithmetic this time around. No, I have been stumped by units. Does anybody know what the si symbol 'sc' stands for? Is that even a symbol?
  11. tandoorichicken

    Hydrogenation of alkynes and alkenes

    Hello. I have a question about catalytic hydrogenation reagents. I know that you can perform syn hydrogenation of alkenes with H2 and Pd catalyst, and the same goes for alkynes except for the addition of quinoline (and CaCO3 doped Pd catalyst). I was wondering if there is a reaction with...
  12. tandoorichicken

    Proving solution of wave equation

    Hello everyone. I'm asked in a problem to prove that a given general solution is valid for the wave equation \nabla^2 p - \frac{1}{c_0^2} \frac{\partial^2 p}{\partial t^2} = 0 . The given solution was p(x, t) = A_1 f_1 (x - c_0 t) + A_2 f_2 (x + c_0 t). I just need a check of work here. I...
  13. tandoorichicken

    I don't have a glue

    Ahem..... no pun intended. :tongue2: Actually, I need an adhesive to affix a snippet of myocardial tissue to some polyethylene tubing. Any ideas?
  14. tandoorichicken

    MATLAB Matlab: inverse Radon transform

    Hopefully someone know image processing toolbox well enough to answer my question! I need to reconstruct an image from a sinogram, and I'm using the iradon(S,theta) function, where S is the sinogram image and theta is either a scalar or vector quantity of projection angles. However, we...
  15. tandoorichicken

    Maple Syrup Vandalism

    Hello PF peoples! Today was a sad, sad, day.:cry: I was on my way to class and I stepped on something sticky right outside my front door. Long story short, someone thought it would be really funny to coat my car, front doorstep and patio with a generous layer of maple syrup.:mad: I know...
  16. tandoorichicken

    Average wall stress in an aneurysm

    Hints, please? "An arterial aneurysm is a life threatening condition associated with a balloon like expansion of a local segment of an artery. Using a free body diagram determine the average wall stresses in a closed spherical aneurysm with wall thickness h and inner radius r_i. Ignore blood...
  17. tandoorichicken

    Check Ochem reaction please

    I did this problem a little differently than my professor, so I need someone to check if it is valid. Let's start with 1-methyl-1-cyclohexanol. If I react this with HBr, I should get 1-bromo-1-methylcyclohexane. And if I then react this with EtO-/EtOH, I should get 1-methyl-1-cyclohexene...
  18. tandoorichicken

    Convolution and a diff eq

    Any hints to this problem? "Assume the solution to a differential equation is given by \frac{dy(x)}{dx}+ay(x) = f(x) where y(0)=y_0 and a is a constant. Show how y(x) can be written as a convolution of f(x) and an exponential e^{ax}." The only hint we got from the prof was to multiply...
  19. tandoorichicken

    Stereoisomerism problem

    How many stereocenter containing isomers of c5h10 are there where the molecule must contain one ring? I identified the cis and trans forms of 1,2-dimethylcyclopropane, but I think my TA said there was one more form containing a cyclopropane ring.... but I can't remember for sure. Is C1 on...
  20. tandoorichicken

    Ochem energy calculation - correct answer?

    I think the solution manual is wrong for this problem. The problem: The naturally occurring sugar glucose exists in two isomeric cyclic forms. These are called [alpha] and [beta], and at equilibrium they are present in a ratio of approximately 64:36. Calculate the free energy difference that...
  21. tandoorichicken

    Calculators Problem with TI89

    Hello. My graphing calculator's screen is degenerating. Up near the top I get blue bands which eventually fade to nothingness, and its spreading downward. Right now the top fifth of my screen is missing. I've only had this calculator for about three years now. I was wondering if anyone else...
  22. tandoorichicken

    Wheatstone bridges

    Say I have two Wheatstone bridge circuits: On each of them, the top half of the diamond is formed using two fixed resistors. The bottom half of each diamond consists of a variable resistor on the left and a resistance temperature detector on the right. Now, for the first bridge circuit, the two...
  23. tandoorichicken

    Gradient anf flux

    Is it always true that the gradient of a function is normal to the flux coming out of the surface represented by the function?
  24. tandoorichicken

    Gradients and curves

    "The temperature of space is given by \phi (x,y,z) = xy + xz . A fly is flying in space and at each point (x,y,z) of its journey it flies in the direction \mathbf{F} (x,y,z) in which the rate of increase of temperature is maximum. (a.) Calculate F(x,y,z). (b.) Find the curve along which the fly...
  25. tandoorichicken

    Matrix manipulation in c

    any tips on how to implement a way to find the null space for a given matrix?
  26. tandoorichicken

    Line equation

    How do you find the equation of a line between two points in three dimensional space? I sorta forgot. =\
  27. tandoorichicken

    Don't mind me

    Just copying a latex image for a physics lab. firefox doesnt let you preview the latex in a post. G=\frac{V_{out}}{V_{in}}=\frac{R_{out}}{\sqrt{R_{in}^{2} + \frac{1}{\omega C}^2}}
  28. tandoorichicken

    Volume of Ellipsoid

    I've been asked to derive an expression for the volume of an ellipsoid. I know what the expression is, I just don't know how to get there from the information given. All that is given is that it is defined by \frac{x^2}{a^2} +\frac{y^2}{b^2} +\frac{z^2}{c^2} \leq 1, a standard...
  29. tandoorichicken

    Acceleration where velocity is changing

    How would one describe the acceleration (linear and angular) if the velocity is constant but direction is constantly changing, i.e., circular motion?
  30. tandoorichicken

    Infinite product - the shortest question

    I just heard about the inifinite product, so using my knowledge of inifinite sum this is purely guessing. \Pi_{i=1}^{N} a_i = a_1 a_2 a_3 ... a_{N-2}a_{N-1}a_{N} correct?