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    Chemistry pH question?

    what is the pH of a 0.140M NaOCN solution? ka HOCN=3.5x10^-4 (rule of 100 can simplify 0.140-x to 0.140) i know that ka=HOCN*OH^-/OCN^-=x^2/0.140 but i don't know the left hand side...i don't know what to do with HOCN=3.5x10^-4..
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    Integration by substitution

    Homework Statement evaluate: higher limit of 36 lower limit of 0 (36+3x)^1/2 dx Homework Equations i thought of using subsititution? The Attempt at a Solution g(x)=36+3x g'(x)=3 when x=0, u=36+3(0)=36 when x=36, u=36+3(36)=144 from lower limit of 36 to higher...
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    Astronaut problem

    Homework Statement Three astronauts equipped with jetpacks are pushing a satellite, having a mass of 127 kg, through space. The forces being exerted on the satellite are F1=31.7 N at an angle of 30.8 degrees above the horizontal, F2=40.2 N at 58.6 degrees below the horizontal, and F3=53.9 N...
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    Differentiate, Evaluate Intergral

    Differentiate: (6-xe^x)/(x+e^x)=... Evaluate Intergral: (2u^5-8u^3+5u^2)du, from lower limit -1 to higher limit 0. (i got 10/3 for some reason...) (u^7+6u^13)/u^9 du, from lower limit 1 to higher limit 2. (n i got 47 for this..) I tried these a few times but my answer is still...
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    Velocity time graph find position, acce?

    The velocity-versus-time graph is shown for a particle moving along the x-axis. Its initial position is xo=4.80 m at to=0.00 s. What is the particle's position at t=1.25 s if the total time the particle moves is 5.00 s and the maximum velocity is 2.00 m/s? 1)At t=3.75 s, what is the...