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  1. TurtleMeister

    Stargazing Macroscopic Dark Matter Revealed By Lightning

    This paper suggests that macroscopic dark matter could leave a trail of ionized plasma as it passes through the earths atmosphere. If this happens during a thunderstorm it could trigger a lightning strike that follows that trail.
  2. TurtleMeister

    Time Zone

    This is just a minor thing, but I thought I would mention it because it may be easily fixed. When not logged in there is no way of knowing what default time zone the board is using. Or if there is I haven't noticed it. It might be helpful to non members or perspective members if this information...
  3. TurtleMeister

    Dropdown menu items and RSS link

    The dropdown menu items at the top of the index page (the ones with an arrow) are not working for me. I think they use to work on mouse-over. Also, what happened to the RSS link?
  4. TurtleMeister

    Mark Forums Read link not visible when not logged in

    Is this a bug or was it changed intentionally?
  5. TurtleMeister

    Missing or deleted thread

    I think it was in Classical Physics, or it could have been in General Physics. The title involved a question about pendulum experiments. I posted to it last night and now I cannot find it. Was this thread deleted?
  6. TurtleMeister

    Account upgrade payment options

    Although I am not that interested in the listed perks, I would like to upgrade to show my support for PF. The reason I have not already done so is because I do not use paypal, and there are no other payment options. Although I do live near a university, I am not directly associated with it and I...
  7. TurtleMeister

    Suggestion for posters who quote manually

    Many times posters will quote someone by typing/paste in the quote manually, ie., not using the quote button. If you do this, then please be sure to supply the username of the person you are quoting. It's easy to do: This will make things a little easier for the reader. Note: I had to...
  8. TurtleMeister

    Einstein's famous equation visualized

    I always like explanations that visualize the math. This short video relates E=mc^2 to the right triangle: I thought it was pretty cool, so I just wanted to share.
  9. TurtleMeister

    Waiting for

    The forum is extremely slow and images are not loading. Firefox displays waiting for in lower left corner. Is anyone else having this problem?
  10. TurtleMeister

    Active versus passive mass in classical mechanics

    I like your explanation, and I agree. However, why does it not work for the case of gravity? To be more specific, I'm talking about the mainstream classical justification for the equivalence principle as it applies to active gravitational mass. Let me give an analogy that applies to the OPs...
  11. TurtleMeister

    Deleted thread

    I don't remember the title of the tread, nor do I remember the member who started it, but it was in the Special & General Relativity forum and the subject involved the speed of gravity. I suspect the thread was deleted because of many references and links to a website that would probably be...
  12. TurtleMeister

    Back button refresh

    Second try at posting this. Timed out the first time. When I am browsing PF and I use my back button (firefox), the page that I'm going back to refreshes. It has not always been that way, and most other forums that I visit do not do that. In other words, using the back button fetches the...
  13. TurtleMeister

    One force or two forces in Newton's third law?

    In Newton's third law, do you consider there to be one force or two forces involved? My thinking is that there is only one force which acts equally in magnitude (conservation of momentum) and opposite in direction for each object. However, many sources that I find on the internet claim that...
  14. TurtleMeister

    Relative motion and time dilation

    I've been reading the threads in this forum about relative motion and time dilation and I would like to know if I am understanding things correctly. The atomic clocks aboard the GPS satellites are programmed with a "factory offset" (according to Wikipedia) of +7us/day for relative motion and...
  15. TurtleMeister

    Question about equivalence principle

    First, I would like to say that this is my first post in this forum and that my knowledge of GR is weak. So I am hoping that my question can be answered in layman terms. If I hold a 1kg object in my hand, I can easily feel it's inertia if I move it from side to side. I could also measure it's...
  16. TurtleMeister

    Questons about Big G

    According to Wikipedia, Big G is a constant of proportionality. When speaking of proportionality one thinks of two quantities which can vary in such a way as to have a constant ratio of something. If that is true, then in the case of Big G, what are the quantities, and what is the something?
  17. TurtleMeister

    Active and passive gravitational mass

    Thought experiment: You are sitting on a platform which is sitting on a frictionless surface. I am sitting on a similar platform on the same frictionless surface next to you. If I reach out and pull you toward me, we will meet at our center of mass. If you reach out and pull me toward you, we...
  18. TurtleMeister

    I cannot edit my post

    I want to edit one of my posts on the first page of a multi-page thread but the edit button is not there. Is there any way I can do this? I don't want to change anything, I just want to add some text explaining why my post is incorrect.
  19. TurtleMeister

    Question concerning Composition Dependent Gravity

    I have been able to find lots of information about experiments that have been done to determine how different compositions of matter respond in a gravitaional field. However, I have not been able to find any information about experiments done to determine any difference in strength of the...