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    The true nature of length contraction

    I stumbled on a book that seems to throw the concept of length contraction upside down to me. Maybe someone can help me here. All the books I've read to date, a popular example might be Elegant Universe, say that an object moving near the speed of light past an observer will appear...
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    Continuity Relay

    Just curious about something. I work on elevators and there are countless safety circuits to prevent accidents. One example is an elevator hatch door. There are contacts that have to "make" in order for the elevator to run, to prevent the elevator from taking off with the door open. These...
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    Hyperbolic geometry question

    I've been reading Penrose's Road to Reality where he presents two formulas for area of shperical triangles. the first is Lamberts which is pi-(A+B+C)=area (where A,B,C are angles of triangle) the other is Harriot's which is Area=R^2(A+B+C-Pi) What I'm trying to figure out is if the...
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    Guinness bubbles

    How is it that the bubbles in my favorite beverage sink, unlike any other beer. After a couple minutes of research I found that the bubbles rise in the center of the pint glass but they fall along the edges which is what you see. I understand this principle with heat convection, but not with...
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    Naive Feynman diagram question

    I'm far from well versed in physics, but I'm trying to understand something about a Feynman diagram I saw. The diagram shows an electron and positron annihilating, and producing a quark/anti-quark pair and a gluon. I recently saw a special on the discovery channel that said matter/anti-matter...
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    Mass near the speed of light?

    mass increased as you approach the speed of light correct? what is the max value- infinity or something else depending on the rest mass? basically what im getting at is how would you calculate the increase in mass based on speed? plus what is speed, after all this is relativity. speed relative...
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    LHC at CERN

    Does anyone know what the LHC will be capable of when it's running at high speed? I haven't really been able to find what kind of experiments the physicists will be able to perform with the collider. Just wandering what the plan was for this baby, what we can expect to learn, etc.
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    Reduction in Heisenberg uncertainty

    I am writing this on the curiosity of the results of a theoretical experiment. Imagine a photon moving thorugh space. It is moving freely through three dimentions and time. Using the Lorentz contraction we can only know approximately where it will be in 3 dimentions for a given time and speed...
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    E=mc^2 and the nuclear bomb

    Just curious about the energy/mass relationship and how it factors in when making nuclear weapons. (or hopefully a more peaceful use for such a reaction in the future.) I know manhattan era nukes used plutonium and polonium/ beryllium for fission reaction. Einstein's famous equation would have...
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    Wave motion question

    I work as an elevator constructor. part of an installation involves installing a steel tape the entire length of the shaft. it is very thin (imagine steel duct tape) and is under spring tension to keep it from moving too much. when at the top of the shaft i pulled the tape and sent a wave down...