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    Calculators Texas ti89 or casio classpad 330

    Do any of you guys still really use dedicated pocket calculators? I find myself doing all my math via PC, mentally, or using my iPod touch. It's quite rare that I ever use my TI89 any more.
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    Celebrating Death

    I play dead pools so I'll celebrate if certain notable people that I like die.
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    Fun with a mutimeter

    one of you contribute to PF so you can have an avatar and I can tell you apart. That seems likely, but people have weird beliefs about distilled water, it has elements of plausibility enough that someone might actually try it.
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    Fun with a mutimeter

    No. Seriously, one who follows your instructions is very likely to break their multimeter.
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    Fun with a mutimeter

    I sure as hell wouldn't do that with my multimeter. Do not submerge any electronics you want to keep in water unless they are waterpoofed, even if it is distilled water. Also, I don't believe your account makes a lot of sense.
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    Fun with a mutimeter

    Bust out some rockin' beep jams on the connectivity tester! :D
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    Medical Super Size Me vs. Fat Head

    Let's see him keep it off
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    Ground in a Car Circuit

    That's what ground is, ground is the place you connect everything to. Most electrical systems have a ground that everything connects too. There are some exceptions, and those occur when having a single common ground is infeasible, (for example, the power grid can't make a ground that spans...
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    Medical Are dreams experiences?

    I'll reply more later, but I should quickly point out a couple things about Dennet's speculation: 1. Dennet acknowledges his evidence isn't that compelling, only that it seems to fit with a lot of what we observed about dreams 2. Dennet is talking about this more to talk about reports of...
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    Medical Are dreams experiences?

    Well, the idea here is to take the falseness up a level. Normally we think that when we wake up we have real memories of dreams, dreams being real experiences of false events when we sleep. Dennet's alternative is that the memories themselves are false, and that we do not actually dream...
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    EE student toolbox

    What do you want to do?
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    What type of capacitor?

    "Parallel" refers to the position where a capacitor is in a circuit, it's not a property of a capacitor in itself. When specifying a capacitor, the three most important basic properties is how high of a voltage you can put on it, if it's bipolar or not, and what the capacitance is.
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    Can multilayer PCB have different width and/or length layers to create a shelf ?

    I have not (I have designed and ordered several PCBs in both a professional and hobbyist capability from a number of different vendors). I'm not sure how hard it would be to get a manufacturer to do it, obviously if you've got enough cash someone will figure it out, but I would suspect it...
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    Medical What makes my consciousness mine ?

    An Interesting Counter to Dennet and Hofstadter's highly reductionist views would be that of David Chalmers (who in fact was a former Hofstadter student). For anyone reading too much of Dennet and Hofstadter (which is easy to do, because they're both quite good), The Conscious Mind might...
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    Voltage subtractor

    What's your supply voltage? [Broken] If you look at page 4 it says at 5 volts the Input Common-Mode Voltage range is Vsupply−1.5V, if your voltage is too your op-amp won't work properly and you need to either change your circuit or get a...
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    Medical Are dreams experiences?

    In the 1970s Daniel C. Dennett, Smart Dude, provided an interesting alternative hypothesis to the one that dreams are real experiences of some "false" reality that we have when we sleep. His alternative was that dreams are in fact false memories of experiences we did not actually have while...
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    In my interpretation of this circuit correct?

    Yeah, you don't put AC on your electrolytic, unless you like smelly capacitor junk. If you need AC, you can get special nonpolarized electrolytic capacitors. They're actually composed of two electrolytic capacitors of opposite polarity in series with one another.
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    Sum of Numbers with distinct digiits?

    Yeah, there's double counting here. For instance 0104 would be subtracted from the total erroneously. Crud!
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    Trigonometry and Physics?

    huge, keep at it.
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    Is that proof correct?

    I don't see why this is true. And of course there are an infinite number of imaginary solutions.
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    Lattice Point Equidistant Proof

    This is for nonzero cases only, zero cases one can pretty quickly come up with equidistant points. I may have screwed up some algebra in here but I'm confident the framework will work: For any rational r and s for some integers a,b,c,d it is true that: r=a/b and s=c/d It's pretty...
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    Sum of Numbers with distinct digiits?

    My way: If we allow for leading zeros (the numbers 0123-9876) the solution is quite obviously 4999.5 * 10!/(10-4)! (because every digit at every place is equiprobable) so if we just subtract off the 3 digit numbers we're good. We can calculate 3 digit numbers with the same method as...
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    Does menthol kill spermatozoa?

    Let's say we get some sperm, and then pour some menthol on it and it kills some. I would not say that's sufficient evidence to use it as an effective means of contraception.
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    Some functions of power supply

    That would be correct.
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    There is incest everywhere.

    No it wasn't. The key is to make cyborg children.
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    What is this fruit?

    Might I suggest not eating something that you don't know the identify of?
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    Hardest EE class

    For me, whatever class is earliest... EE might be tough, but getting up in the morning? No contest.
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    Statistics: linear equation comparision question

    If you used two torque sensors at the same time, wouldn't the torque be distributed between the two sensors? It seems like this setup is sort of like standing with one leg on one scale and another leg on another scale, and expecting them to always be equal because your weight doesn't change...
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    Leaked Maglite battery destroys the thread?

    Here's what I'd do if this happened to me. I guess either one of two things happened: 1. The threads are hopelessly destroyed. 2. The threads are clogged with salts from the destroyed battery. I'd attempt to dissolve out the salts by submerging the flashlight in a bucket of warm water (i'd...