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    C/++/# Missing samples recovery with FFT in C#

    Hey all! I have to ask for help. I’m in too deep and can’t find my way out. Does anyone know where to find a simple code for missing samples recovery? All I can find are math equations that I can’t interpret. I’m not into signal processing here, I’m using FFT for numeric data only, so I’m...
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    Nyquist sampling rate and signal anti-aliasing

    Hi all! Quick question. If a Nyquist sampling rate in a signal is 2f, what lower frequencies can be represented without aliasing? I assume you could have frequencies which have only even number of samples in their wave length, or maybe in half of their wave length. Am I wrong? If someone can...
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    Fourier transform capabilities in reconstructing missing data

    Hi, I know this topic is more suited for Computing & Technology, but it has even more to do with general questions about Fourier transform capabilities. I have a question about sample restoration in Discrete Fourier Transform. Suppose we have a signal with the stack of frequencies from 1 Hz...