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    How to Determine the voltage polarity of inductor in a circuit?

    The Voltage polarity across the inductor is same as that across the capacitor since both are in parallel and the voltage across them must be same. But when Inductor, capacitor and resistor are connected as shown in the second figure what would be the voltage polarity across the inductor and...
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    Confusion regarding pinch off voltage in a JFET

    I can't figure out what actually is the Pich-off voltage of a JFET. I basically have confusion between these two definitions: Pinch off voltage is that gate source voltage at which there is no drain-source current Pinch of voltage is that 'Drain-Source' voltage after which the drain source...
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    Limit in Two variables.

    Homework Statement lim (x,y)\rightarrow(0,0) f(x,y)=2*x/(x^{2} + x +y^{2}) Homework Equations used different paths like y=k*x ,where k is a constant and y=k*x^2 The Attempt at a Solution Got an answer 2 but solution says does not exist. Can anybody convince me that why limit does...
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    Calculating integrals involving floor function

    Is it possible to claculate ∫[cot(x)]dx from x=0 to x=\piwhere [.] represents floor functon or the greatest integer function?? it seems impossible to me but can we use the properties of definite integrals to somehow evaluate the area?
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    De broglie wave equation

    i've just learnt de broglie wave equation in chemistry which tells that matter can act as wave. if an electron is moving at a certain speed(v) at which its wavelength is comparably in meters. If a football is made to move at the same speed (v),will it behave as a wave? Since Football also has...
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    What is a Photon?

    What is a photon? Does it have mass?(if no then why it has momentum) it travels with speed of light? Has it some wavelength associated with it,that can be calculated by De Broglie wave equation?
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    Work done by magentic field

    Two straight current carrying conductors A and B are lying in a vertical plane as shown.The separation between them is h and mass per unit lenght of wires is λ.Keeping one wire fixed (say A),Bis raised by small hieght δh. Q-1 What would be the work done by external agent? Q-2 Will the work...