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    An end to infinite?

    I think infinite is not real. Think about it. What is the closest positive number to zero that you can have? it would be 0.000...01, right? infinite zeros plus one. What do you guys think? I didn't know where this would belong, so I bunged it here.
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    Humidity and using a telecscope not fun. I have a telescope that I got when I was a lot younger. A nice (I think) little beginner telescope, a Meade Polaris 60mm. Anyway, my problem is the humidity where I live. I live in Louisiana. Everytime there's a clear night and I decide to go try and do a bit of looking, to try...
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    What is the terminal velocity of a quarter?

    2 questions: What is the terminal velocity of a quarter? and How long does it take a quarter to accelerate to its terminal velocity?
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    Writing a story

    I'm writing a story/novel at the moment and need some info. Can anyone give me a list of current concepts for interplanetary travel?
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    Server options

    i recently had the thought of running a server from an external hard drive. would that be possible? i.e., loading windows onto the HD, loading my programs and the like. possible? also, i saw on Attack of the Show a while back (when it was still The Screen Savers) where they had a server so...
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    Historical accounts of a 'Great Flood'

    I've noticed in most cultures, there is mention of a "great flood." in Native American legend, the Earth was created from a flood, Christianity has the story of Noah...and thoughts on this?
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    Algebra II- 3-D Graphing

    Algebra II-- 3-D Graphing my algebra II class is getting into 3-D graphing and i need help. can anyone tell me where to find some pre-made blank graphs? it takes me too long to draw them by hand and interferes with my tests.
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    Explosions in Space

    what use would a nuke be in space? Other than EMP, the heat, and the radiation, there's nothing about the explosion that would have effect. I mean, the only reason an explosion is and explosion is that it compresses the air around it. so what's the use?
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    The Tech from the Halo Novels

    I recently read the novels based on the Xbox game "Halo" and was wondering about the technology. 1) There was frequent mention of a "MAC gun" (Magnetic Accelerator Cannon). For those of you that are unfamiliar with the Halo books, this weapon uses magnetic force to accelerate a metallic...