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    As temperature of a conductor increases why does the ratio of

    as temperature of a conductor increases why does the ratio of conductivity to resistivity increase ?????
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    Virtual object

    how is a virtual object identified ????
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    Concave mirror

    how can we say that the image formed by a concave mirror is always real if object is virtual??? please help
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    Confused with math identities

    Homework Statement what is the identity of a3 + b3 + c3 i am getting a bit confused please help!!!!! Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
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    What will happen to capillary rise effect if we take capillary to

    what will happen to capillary rise effect if we take capillary to space g=0????
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    Soap bubble pressure

    if air is pushed inside a soap bubble then why does the pressure decrease ????
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    Does gravity effect viscosity ?is viscosity independent od gravity ?

    does gravity effect viscosity ? is viscosity independent od gravity ?
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    Liquid pressure

    if water is flowing in a streamline motion then at 2 points at same horizontal level can the pressure be same if area is not same ?????? please help!!!!
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    What is the relation between surface tension and pressure ? are they

    what is the relation between surface tension and pressure ? are they same dimensionally? can they be equated?
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    Bouyant force

    if we take a liquid to agravity free space then is the bouyant force is 0 ?
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    Angular momentum

    if two circular discs of different radius and angular velocity are brought togather , they experience friction and finally there is no slipping between them , why is the total angular momentum not conserved in this case ? there is no eternal torque , friction is an internal force of the system...
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    Young's modulous

    is there a formula to calculate the young modulous of a system like for resistances in series and parallel ????
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    Apparent g

    if the earth stops rotating , what will happen to the apparent value of g on its surface ?
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    Frames of reference

    Homework Statement the acceleration of a particle as seen from 2 frames s1 and s2 is 4 , what can be the value of acceleration between s1 and s2 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution the answer to this question is anything between 0 to 8 , but i do not know the reason , pl...
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    Pully and block

    Homework Statement Uploaded with Homework Equations if the 2 wires on both sides move with downward velocity u , with what velocity does the block rise , the angle with vertical is a ; The Attempt at a Solution...
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    Acceleration is a vector

    just got a bit confused : because acceleration is a vector , so can we define acceleration for speed , that is , if we say speed at t1 is a , t2 is b , then average acceleraion is (b-a)/(t2-t1) pl. help !
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    X->0 (sin[x])/x

    does lim x->0 (sin[x])/x exist ? if yes then what is it , iguess 0 , but cannot figure out the reason .. pl. help... note: [x] is greatest integer less than or equal to x
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    Right handed system

    if we say that A , B and C form a right handed system , where all 3 are vectors then does it mean that A X B = C or C X A = B ?? pl. help !
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    Cos inverse

    Homework Statement is it possible that cos((cos-1(2x-1))/2)) could be written only in terms of x , i mean by eliminating cos ans cos-1 ? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
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    Is x/(1+e^(1/x)) differentiable at x=0

    Homework Statement is x/(1+e1/x) differentiable at x =0 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution i calculated the right and left hand derivative and got them as 0 and 1 respectively , so it should not be differentiable, is it right my book says that it is differentiable ?
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    Equation of circle

    Homework Statement if equation of 3 circles is given then find the equation of the smallest circle containing all 3 circles Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution i can do this question for 2 circles , please give a hint for 3 circles
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    Weight in pool

    if i place a weighing machine at the bottom of the swimming pool and then put a box on it whose density is greater than the iquid , then will it weigh more or less , as compared to on the land ? i think that it will weigh less , but if its lower surface is in contact with the surface of the...
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    Liquid pressure

    if in a tank full of water big a wooden box floats on water then will the pressure below the box in the liquid be different from , the case , when there would be no wooden box ??
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    Force by tires divided ?

    force by tires divided ???? suppose the mass of a car is m kg , the pressure in its tires is p Pa , so so balance the weight of the car the tires with contact area A will exert some force on the ground , will this force be = mg for all the tires , or will they divide the force among themselves...
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    Carry weight?

    carry weight?? what does the amount of weight a person can carry depend upon ? i think that it depends upon person to person ?? is there any physical constraint like the weight of the man himself or any other factor ???
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    Determinant multiplication

    is multiplication of determinant commutative ? if so , then is this correct: |A||B|=|B||A|=|AB|=|BA| ? then what does |AB|=|BA| imply ??
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    Locus of mid point

    Homework Statement From the point (6,-8) all possible lines are drawn to cut x axis , find the locus of their middle ponts Homework Equations none The Attempt at a Solution i got the coordinates of the middle point as ((6+x)/2 ,-4 ) , but what will the locus be ?
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    Trapezium condition

    what is the sufficient condition on a quadilateral to be a trapezium ?
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    Homogeneous linear equations geometrically

    what does a homogeneous linear equation in 3 variables represent geometrically ?
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    Singular matrix

    if a matrix is invertable can it be singular ?