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    Community site for your Town/City

    I was just wondering what type of "town" community websites there is out there... do you guys know of any really good ones.... I've seen a couple but I'm wondering if there are any great ones out there? Do you visit your own at all.... ??? (I'm mainly looking for non-gov sites) Thanks
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    Finding Function for Set of Data?

    Finding Function for Set of Data???? Anyone know how to find a function for a set of data (x and y table).... that make up a quadratic function (sort of like a part of a parabola) I know I can do it in the calculator with QuadReg, but I woudl really appricaite it if someone could please walk...
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    Buying servos + motors

    Where can I buy cheap/small DC motors and servos (robot building type of thing)? (Any well known "local" stores out there?) Thanks. Edit: Sorry I guess I would also need some type of "Polarity Toggle Switch".
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    Capping Internet Speed

    I would like to cap the speed of some of the computers on my network.. I use a befsr41 Linksys router.. if anyone knows how to put a cap on specific IP's let me know.
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    Cox wants me to upgrade: Cable Modem

    I have a Pcx2200 Cable modem by Toshiba.. and according to Cox.. this is just not cutting it anymore.... ???? .... I did not have service for a month.. and now that I come back they come up with this? What router do you have and does it work with cox high speed [cable] internet? BTW...
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    Serious Math help needed =-(

    I'm trying to find the area for the Koch Snowflake.... I cant really figure it out... I found a couple of equations online (I cant really understand how most work.. or how they have been "derived".. including the mathworld one) I'm looking at the following formula (seems to work.. but I cant...
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    Doesnt this board have an IRC room if so how do I get to it?

    Doesnt this board have an IRC room.. if so.. how do I get to it?
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    Color Blind Tests

    I'm trying to carry out a color blindess test for a biology project. My friend, who is color blind, will help.. but I'm wondering what kind of tets I could use (besides the Ishiraha test). I'm thinking having two pictures displayed.. and then brining down the "hue" color of a single color in...
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    Reading Glare

    I have a problem with reading... I notice that most lighting in combination with my books/textbooks really generates an awful glare. I know I can just tilt the book.. but in the case of a larger text book this is often a problem (even if I put something underneath to tilt it). Anyone know of any...
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    Sight: Bio, Chem and Physics

    What possible experiments (not college level).. can you think off where the bio aspect of sight can be "tested" on.. anything from colorblindness.. to the blind spot... someone suggested getting a cow eye .. not sure if I will be able to get a hold of one here in San Diego though. (I also...
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    Magic Tricks who's got them?

    Best magic tricks? I'm wondering what the bests "magic ticks" you guys know without using any "cheating devices"... just a regular deck of cards.. or any other at hand devices.. heh... and how it's done.. ? I dunno... just curious.. seems a lot of them involve math..that's cool .. I would...
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    Metaphysics a reality or a misconception?

    I have many questions about the metaphysical..... someone told me the "mind" is metaphysical.... as in it does not exist in the ""physical world".... I do not understand their definition of metaphysical.. I mean.. does the metaphysical not bind to physical rules? Does the mind not lie in...
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    Calculators Ti89 Functions

    I'm wondering how to set my ti 89 to .... " | x does not equal 3, and x does not equal 4 " for any partifular function..... I tried a comma and a "|" still no go...
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    Solving 0/0 = ?

    Sorry I cant seem to find a 'constant" answer anywhere..
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    Finding Moles of ML?

    I'm sorry but if I have a substance.. and I know it's made up of two specific elements.. and all I have is the quantity in ML, how can I find the amount of moles for it? Another question.. heh.. if I have a measurement of ML.. does that mean.. that's the substance volume? Thanks
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    Hearing + Vision impairment

    How do people who cant see or hear.. use computers.. I know there must be some way for them to... but what is it?
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    Question about AMU & Temp. Conversions

    AMU So... I'm wondering what the measurement of an AMU (atomic mass unit) is... I mean.. I've heard it's really the weight of a proton but then I'm told the proton's weight is actually 1.0073 amu.. so what is the amu based on then? btw: how do you pronounce a decimal number such as ...
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    Internships @ a Lab?

    I'm not really sure if anyone would be able to help me here... but I really want to try to get an internship working at some type of science lab. Ok.. so basically I'm a high school student in San Diego. Now, I know you maybe wondering why a HS student want an "internship" at a lab.. what...
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    AI anyone?

    I'm not sure why but just a few days ago this feeling to really want to do something related to AI just woke up. I've always been fascinated with the whole idea.. but not until recently did I think that it might just be something I would want to focus on for the rest of my life. Now, dont get...
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    Testing MIT and 800 on SAT math

    Mit??? Does anyone know of someone that got accepted into MIT recently.. and didnt score 800 on their math portion of the SAT?
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    Coca Cola and their Coca Leaves So... does anyone know for sure if the coca leaves are an actual ingredient of the soft drink? I'm not saying its all a big deal.. but I would like to know.. because it seems kind of funny to me.
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    High School Officer Positions?

    So... I was just wondering what positions for different look better when compared to others? For example.. ASB - officers Class - officers Key Club - officers Science Olympiad - officers I take it they would bet ranked like I listed them.. of course a president in one club is...
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    Ti 83->89

    Ti 83-->89 I know the Ti89 has the csolve and solve feautures... so I was wondering if there was a way of getting the ti83 to do this same type of thing? If a program has to be created.. what would it look like? Thanks... What other essential things could be "borrowed" from the ti89 ...
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    Calculators Imaginary #'s TI89

    Well I know it can solve for real numbers of X^n+x^(n-1)+ etc etc = 0 But was wondering if it could also solve when there are imaginary numbers involved?.... Thanks
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    Gene Selection/Manipulation

    I'm very interested in learning about gene manipulation projects and the morality of this delicate issue. I was reading up on how it is theorized one day we could live to be 1000 and how it wasnt a very farfetched concept If you have any links or your own input on the subject I would greatly...
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    Testing for toxics on wood/trees?

    Would anyone know if this is possible, like to test for toxic chemicals on wood... with errr basic materials.. what would be needed to do this?
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    Solve this weird f(g(x)) and g(f(x))

    Can you solve such a thing as: f(g(x)) and g(f(x)) Let f(x) = sqr (4-x) D=x < or = to 4 right? and also Let g(x) = sqr(x-3) D = x > or = to 3 Can you solve such a thing.. if so how.. if not why not?
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    Schools Business Schools?

    What Unis in America have a good UNDERgrad business programs.. I'm looking for anything really but is there any that have a international business program?.. any suggestions for other branches of business would be appriated (such as starting your own and doing well, knowing everything you can...
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    Testing Taking the SAT senior yr?

    Is there any way I would be affected if I took the SAT at the very beginning of my senior year?.. would my chances of applying to colleges be gone that year?... Is there really any reason why I should not take it then?
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    REALLY NEED HELP Solving for X with radicals/square roots

    Ok so I know that when you have radicals such as the following you only have one answer right?... x + 1 - 2(square root of [x+4]) = 0 ok so x = 5 right?.... i dunno why but it just does... I cant solve it If i solve it It works looks like this: (squaring everything I get...