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    A stubborn integral

    Homework Statement I have to integrate [Broken] The Attempt at a Solution This is how I did it [PLAIN] [Broken] wolfram says it is supposed to turnout like this...
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    Help with algebra Invertible matrixes

    hi Homework Statement I have to prove or disprove the following statements: 1. Let B be a square matrix nxn. Then there must be an Invertible A such that AB is an upper triangular matrix. 2. Let A be a square Invertible matrix nxn such that the sum of all the entries in each row is...
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    Strange matrix problem

    Got it now, thanks!
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    Strange matrix problem

    O.K Iunderstand the technical side of what you are saying Av=0, but the equation you get is 0w=0. How can this have any meaning?
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    Strange matrix problem

    Do you mean that if we assign w=t a general solution could be V=(0,0,0,t)?
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    Strange matrix problem

    Hi, Homework Statement I was given a linear equation system of the form Ax=b where x=(x, y, z, w), I reduced (A|b) to its canonical form which is this: Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution At first I thought that this means that there is an infinite number of...