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    News Ukranian Government Split

    Following the Ukranian vs. Russian oil stand off last week, 250 of the Ukrainian's 450 deputies have put their names to a vote of non confidance in the government, who have agreed to double their payment to Russia. Does this sound like anyone to a state standing up to Russian aggression in...
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    Does anybody know any free pop3 and smtp emails?

    I already used gmx, gmail and nerdshack but I was wondering if anybody knew of anyothers?!
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    Firefox Issues (personal, not a flaw perse)

    I have been using Firefox v happily for a long time now, however, after upgrading to Version 1.5 on my laptop it has lost the ability to access the internet!! Some additional info: the laptop connects to the web via a wireless LAN, firefox DOES load but displays the 'Page cannot be...
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    I need a francophone!

    Hey, In this land of intelligence there must be a french speaker about! I am asking because I need to compose a brief text (1/2 a page) on sports in french, incorporating as many of the following as possible: passive, pluperfect, perfect, imperfect and future tenses. The text needs to talk...
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    This House Would Nip-Tuck

    Just had this motion given to me as the one I must oppose in a Senate Debating Competition. Was hoping you wise-seeing oracles could cast some original light on this issue.
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    News Supressed Bush Memo

    Has anybody else heard the rumours {NB I do NOT claim that these rumours are true in any way shape or form), that George Bush,the Leader of the Free World, proposed the bombing of the media station Al-Jazeera?
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    Interesting question - Not homework

    Interesting question - Not homework!! Show that the sum of the infinite series: log_2 e - log_4 e + log_{16} e + {(-1^n)} log_{2^{2n}} e .... equals \frac{1}{ln2\sqrt2} Any ideas?!
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    Confused ( well obviously it QM ) - TDSE problem in understand

    I have been looking at the TDSE (time dependent Shrodinger equation), considered when describing a system with only 2 states. And essentially I got confused!! Can i get a decent explanation? To clarify I am fine with Hamiltonians, and the Hamiliton of a particle in an electromagnetic...
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    Refraction - Tricky

    1) Find the maximum refracting angle which a crown glass prism (1.52 refractive index) may have if sodium light is to pass through it with two refractions and no reflection? What deviation will be caused? 2) A beam of light strikes a water surface (refractive index 1.33) abd some of it is...
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    Changing the base logarithms homework

    log_2(x) + log_4(x) = 2 I've tried everything i can think of, including changing the base - to no avail. Any ideas?!
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    What is the derivative of x.(rootx) from first principles

    The title is pretty self explanitary. From first principles find f'(x) for f(x)=x.(rootx) Look forward to your replies
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    Programs What use is a maths degree

    I was talking to my nephew today and asked him what degree he wanted to do - he replied maths and trinity college cambridge - which is no suprise as he is very gifted at maths. However, he then added 'but I don't think I should because a) there is no money in math and B) a lot of employers are...
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    News EU - US relations

    I originally concieved this idea whilst thinking of the UK support of Iraq war - I believe it is completely justified - although when speaking to others I was having to think of counter arguments to 'justify' the conflict and i began to think about EU/US relations and the possible effect a...
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    News Hurricane Crisis

    Hi, I'm British and so my news feeds are perhaps biased but I was wondering what is the genuine feeling of the American people over the aid efforts (seemingly much delayed) and the conduct of Bush throughout the crisis? For it seems it took the US central government over 3 days to respond to...
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    Temperature - is that the right word?

    I was thinking today about why air feels coller when you stick your head out of a moving vehicle and why it feels warmer when stationary. I came to the conclusion the cooling properties of the air are greater when the car is moving as a larger volume of air is being passed over my per unit...
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    New Gravity Theory Announced

    Has anybody heard of the new theory from some evangellical scientists which states that a body falls when unsupported on the Earth not because of a gravitational force but rather because God pushes it down? Is this correct? I heard it 3rd hand!! -NS
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    Atheism meant the belief of no god

    I was once told that Atheism meant the belief , after studying all of the evidence, that there is no God. However, as no one could ever study all of the evidence there is no such thing as an atheist. Thoughts please
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    Lesson ideas for 10-11 year old Children (MATHS)

    Hey, I'm going into a school tomorrow an dhad a plan to teach the kids (10-11) about algebra in a different weay to they are used to. I.e. give them a deeper understanding of what is going on - to try and liven things up a bit. For example, most children can give a reasonable definition of...
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    Programs Best Places to Recieve a Degree (Maths) From?

    Me and some friends were talking today and thought that perhaps the best places to recieve a maths degree from are Princeton and Trinity College Cambridge, I was wondering what your thoughts were - we couldn't think of many other plaes with the same standards and rapor. -NewScientist
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    Two Nice Problems

    The first problem is :Use the integers 1, 3, 4 and 6 each once to make the number 24. You may use the operators + - x / (addition, subtraction, multiplicaion and division). The second problem is to find fractions such that [a/(10b+c)] + [d/(10e+f)] + [g/(10h+j)] = 1 Where...
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    Thinking in different dimensions

    I was wondering about something today, I once heard a quote from Roger Penrose: a bar maid asked him what drink he wanted and he didn';t respond for a couple of seconds. When he did he said 'Sorry, I was thinking in about 12 different dimensino and I find it hard to come back to one' (or...