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    How Is MS Word related to HTML and CSS?

    Just wondering: When i write a book in MS Word and save it as a webpage file (html) It seems that all the formatting i chose in MS Word (bulletons, indents, headings) perfectly translates to HTML and CSS, so just wondering Is HTML and CSS built into MS Word? Does MS Word work like a BROWSER...
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    Foundations Recommended Math books as preparation for bachelor in math?

    For a long time I've been debating whether to study Physics or Math at university (Bachelor), but I'm going to jump into math this summer. I have this feeling that preparing for "logical thinking" and mathematical language/terminology would be a good idea, since all i have is my 3 year old...
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    PHP HTML, php and css code in ebook, proper formatting?

    Hi, I want to write an ebook on CSS, HTML and php, and I'm using a RTF copy/paste plugin to my code editor so i can copy and paste code directly into MS Word from my code editor. I'm just wondering: Can i write the whole book in MS Word and then directly upload it to amazon, for ebook readers...
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    Multiplying mass as kg and grams= 2 different results?

    Hi, I'm just wondering. If you mulitiply 1kg with 0.5kg you get 0.5kg But if you do the multiplication in grams you get 1000g *500g = 500.000g = 500kg. a dompletely different result. Why is that? How do you avoid this problem?
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    Astronomy Good ancient to modern history astronomy books?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend some good ancient astronomy books (from around 8000BC-0) that that are historically correct (perhaps springled with a few translations from older writings) with visual images, and that show in some detail how different calculations, and observations were made? It would...
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    Lunar and Solar eclipse - same times a year?

    Hi, Just wondering: The lunar orbit around the earth is tilted 5.1 degree with respect to the earths orbit around the sun (as described in the video), so only at 2 times during the year the earth is aligned with the sun such that lunar eclipses can happen IF the moon is behind the earth...
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    Mechanical advantage of a mountain climber (pulley)

    Hi I have a hard time undersanding the mechanical advantage of this pulley system (in the video below): I understand that when a person is holding you, then the mechanical advantage is 2, because 50% of the weight or Load is on the rope going from the harness to the top left anchor point, and...
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    Archimedes Derivation: Law of the lever

    Hi, I'm watching a talk about Archimedes Law of the lever, and I was wondering: Does anyone know how the formula d=w/2w/b-a) was derived from the lecture drawing at 9.00 min in? The speaker just skips the algebraic derivation.
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    Writing correct mathematics -- functions within functions...

    Hi I'm a bit confused about some mathematical notation If i write f(x)=(2x^2 + 10)^4 And i define u= 2x^2 +10 u^4 = f(x) Would it then be correct to write f(u)= u^4 Or would i get f(u)= 2(u)^2 +10 = (2(2x^2 +10)+10)^2 Should i define u^4 = f(x) first? Would it then be correct...
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    Integration: Can't understand when to use Power rule.

    Homework Statement Hi I have a really hard time understanding when and how to use the Power rule when integrating My book states that if u is a function of x, then the power rule is given by: ∫urdu = (ur+1)/(r+1)+c First: I do understand that if u=2x Then the differential du=u'(x)dx =2...
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    Understanding an integral rule.

    Hi I'm tying to understand notations in Integration, and would really appreciate some help making sure that my understanding is right. My books writes Let u and v be functions of x whose domains are an open interval I, and suppose du and dv exist for every x in I. Then it defines 1) ∫(du)=...
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    Intermediate Value Theorem

    Hi, I'm confused about an explanation in Elementary Calculus, the infinitesimal approach regarding Intermediate Value Theorem. The explanation: Suppose g is a continuous function on an inverval I, and g(x) # 0 for all x in I (i) If g(c) > 0 for at least one c in I, then g(x) > 0 for all X...
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    Critical points and min and max

    Homework Statement Hi I'm suppose to find the critical point and minimun or maximum of f(x)=(4/5) Homework Equations [/B] I have a question regarding how to interprete the results The Attempt at a Solution 1) we start by finding f'(x)=4/(5*x^1/5) Now my first question is this: we...
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    Differentiate Velocity and pythagaros problem.

    Homework Statement A ball is dropped from a height of 100 ft, at which time its shadow is 500 ft from the ball. How fast is the shadow moving when the ball hits the ground? The ball falls with velocity 32 ft/sec, and the shadow is cast by the sun. If i draw this in a cartesian cordinate...
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    Rate of change of area in sphereical baloon, please help.

    Homework Statement I have a homework assignment that I find challenging A spherical baloon is being inflated at a rate of 10 (i assume it's cubic inches per second) Find the rate of change of area when the baloon has radius=6 Homework Equations So far I know that V=(4/3)*pi*r^3...
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    Derivatives in Action, Change in radius per time of circle.

    Hi, I'm trying to understand how Differentiation and integral works in practice, and would really appreciate some help interpreting this calculation- If we have a circle with Area A=pi*r^2 1) If i want to find the change in Area with respect to radius then dA/dr= 2pi*r 2) If I'm...
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    Mixing units with functions or derivatives?

    Hi, How do you correctly use units when writing derivatives and functions in math? Example A car goes 17miles per gallon, so a function m with the equation m(g)=17g describes the distance it can go with g gallons. And the derivative dm/dg = 17 miles/gallon. Question: could you write...
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    The Chain rule and acceleration, need some help

    Hi I'm learning about The chainrule, and I understand how to apply the chain rule on various problems, but there is a problems I don't understand how works: 1) The book I'm reading writes acceleration as a=v*(dv)/dt And IT argues that v=ds/dt and a=dv/dt (which i understand) So therefore...
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    How space works:Why does an asteroid crush a human in space?

    I hve a question: IF there is no air resistance or ANY type of resistance in space, then how come an asteroid or fast moving object can crush a persons face in space (like in the movie: Gravity) My logic is the following: If you imagine a spring extended in space, and a fast moving ball hits...
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    LaTeX Good latex editor for Mathematics?

    Hi, Just wondering: What Latex editor would you recommend for a beginner for writing a lot of mathematical equations?
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    The inverse of a function

    Hi, I know that the inverse function of y= f(x) =2x+1 is y-1=2x x=(y-1)/2 and then we just replace x with f-1(y) and then when we plug in any value of y it gives us a corresponding x value. Now my question is this: If we want to find a line or function that is perpendicular to another...
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    Tangent to a a curve, something seems wrong (Calculus)

    I'm studying Calculus and i can see that the definition of the tangent to a point on a curve is y= f'(a)(x-a)+b this must mean that f'(a) = (y-b)/(x-a) But that to me seems troubeling, because f'(a) is the slope at ONE point, while (y-b)/(x-a) is a quotient with the differene between 2...
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    Definition of derivative - infinitesimal approach, help :)

    Hi I'm reading Elementary calculus - an infinitesimal approach and just wan't to make sure my understanding of what dy, f'(x) and dx means is correct. I do understand the basic idea: You make the secant between 2 points on a graph approach one of the points and at this point you get the...
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    Problem understanding mathematical argumentation please help

    Hi, my Calculus book (Elementary Calculus an Infinitesimal approach) uses a mathematical argument, and I'm not sure if it's correct so i thought i wuold check with you guys :) When the book want's to find the derivative of f(x)=x^2 the books starts like this y=x2 Δy +y = (x + Δx)2 So my...
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    Determaning a function from a progression?

    Hi, If i have a progression that looks like this n | progression | Mathmatical formula -------------------------------------- 1 | x(x-1) .........................| x(x-n) 2 | x(x-2)(x-1) ..................| x(x-n)(x-n-1) 3 | x(x-3)(x-2)(x-1)...........| x(x-n)(x-n-1)(x-n-2))...
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    Equation of a line - Difficult problem from Thomas Calculus

    The problem is as follows The perpendicular Distance ON from the origin to line L is p, and ON makes an angle α with the positive x-axis. Show that L has the equation x*cosα + y*sinα = p What I've done First I made a drawing from the text and I assume ON and P are the same thing. Then I...
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    Square root problem

    Hi I'm just wondering: How does √(10^2+10^2) become 10*√(2) ? I also noticed that √(10^2+10^2+ 10^2) becomed 10*√(3) But how to you mathematically - ith more steps- go from √(10^2+10^2) to 10*√(2)? Kind regards, Christian
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    Atomic Best book on Modern Physics? 5 choices, suggestions?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for an introductury book (or several books) on modern physics that explains the history and experiments the led to the understanding of the atom, the electron, avogadros number, plancks constant, rutherford, quantum mechanics etc. I want an idea of how all the...
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    LaTeX Mathematical software: Latex, Mathml, MathType, Maple?

    Which mathematical software(s) can you recommend for 1. As a substitute for a calculator (TI89): making basic graphs, regressions (linear, exponential), vectors, solving equations, showing graphs in 2d and 3d? 2. Writing an ebook with lot's of math. I'm thinking Mathml or Mathtype might be...
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    Intro Physics Alternative physics intro books to Young and Halliday?

    Hi I know eveyone buys Young University physics, and i think it's great for easy problem solving, a bit wordy but quite clear, however I like books that give a bit more insight into the reasoning and mathematical development and/or derivations of the theories, instead of just telling you "this...