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    NPSH Suction Surface Pressure

    Head psa(suction surface pressure) = 2.31xP/specific gravity This is one of the factors to calc NPSH. Shows how much head is pushing liquid through the pump. What does the specific gravity have to do with surface pressure of a liquid before it goes into the pump? Isn't it just involving the...
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    Normal Force Equilibrium

    1. Homework Statement This isn't really a problem but an example in an online lecture. I'm trying to understand everything for when I get to harder questions but am having trouble understanding the "d/b" part of the equation. Homework Equations How does dividing d by b help solve for the...
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    Statics -- Net Moment

    Homework Statement Homework Equations I can see how the net force is not the same but I'm not getting the net moment. The Attempt at a Solution 12mm x 10N = 120N-mm. How do these two FBDs not have the same net moments. Thanks for any help!