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    Three 3's

    or maybe: 99900000... or something along those lines. How do I make it invisible?
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    Next Number?

    I saw this too, and it would have been much easier to use. When I noticed the pattern (1+2=3, 4+5+6=7+8...), the perfect squares stuck out and then when I came up with the recursive function I was looking at it more from a point of view of the squares than I was from the pov of a sequense...
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    Next Number?

    T(n) = (T( (n^(1/2) -1 )^2 )/3 + n) * 3 T(0) = 0 T(1) = 3 T(4) = 15 T(3^2) = ( T(2^2) )/3 + 3^2) * 3 = (15/3 + 9) * 3 = 42 I think the problem was that I knew what I was thinking but then I didn't clearly state it. I was intending that T(n-1) would be the next lowest perfect square...
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    Next Number?

    I think that would make it simpler too. Before I figured out the recursive function, I was using excel with the formula n + (n+1) + ... + (n+n^(1/2)), that was a pain because you can't just copy and paste...
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    Next Number?

    It works if you do it for n= 0^2, 1^2, 2^2, ... then 2^2 = 15, but 4^2 = 90.
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    Next Number?

    I miss stated it, it's: T(0) = 0, T(n) = (T( (n^(1/2) -1 )^2 )/3 + n) * 3, when n^(1/2) is an integer. so for n = 4, its T(4) = ( T(1)/3 + 4 )*3 = (3/3 + 4)*3 = 15 It can also be n + (n + 1) + ... + (n + n^(1/2)) = (n + n^(1/2) + 1) + ... + ( n + 2*n^(1/2) )
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    Next Number?

    It is a typo, it works when n is a perfect square.
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    Next Number?

    That works too, the formula I was using is T(0) = 0, T(n) = (T(n-1))/3 + n) * 3. The interesting part was that if you add consecutive numbers, they add to the next set of consecutive numbers, starting with a perfect square and going to the number before the next perfect square. Like 1+2 = 3...
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    Next Number?

    0, 3, 15, 42, 90, ... What number comes next? There's something interesting about these numbers (at least to me). <- thats not a clue its just that this isnt just some random series, theres more to it that is mathematical, not personal or a bus route...
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    Barber's paradox

    Well if he doesnt exist then no, he doesn't shave himself.
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    Medical Moving consciousness inside the brain

    Feynman did some experiments with this and talks about it in one of his 'curious character' books- I cant remember which one. Anyway, he smoked pot and got in a tank that was able to remove his senses by removing external stimuli (I think the tank was designed, not by Feynman, to try to mimic...
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    Does anyone know this question ?

    Um... he plagiarised himself?
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    Logic Lovers

    The answer to the original question is 'no'.
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    Logic Lovers

    What about: If the first statement is false, then the second statement is true.
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    Logic Lovers

    it's false
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    In a certain country

    ans in white: by the n'th day, all n unfaithfull wives must be killed Not sure if its what you were looking for, but it works.
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    What is colour of the bear that has fallen

    My guess is that it has to do with the sea level of the ground at the base of the mountain...
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    Save 10 prisoners

    There are 4 possible situations: 1) 3 B, 0 W 2) 3 W, 0 B 3) 2 B, 1 W 4) 2 W, 1 B Assuming that each is equally likely, then your solution gives a 50% survival rate, same as last prisoner randomly guessing. Did I miss something that would make it 75% instead of 50%?
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    The power of 7

    not certain, but that sounds like Through the Looking Glass.
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    Microsoft interview questions

    I didnt notice the nobody can go alone line but if that were true the question would be impossible.
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    Microsoft interview questions

    There is no trick to breaking the rules- two people max, both same way, one flashlight. The trick is to illiminate the bad affects of the 10 and 5 person- think of the farmer, the fox, the chicken, and the egg riddle if you know it... 3) light one rope at both ends
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    Four fours

    2.0636505122486923685638272848301e+267 = 4^(444)
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    Quick Little Word Teaser

    14? Each being a persons name.
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    An important part of the boat

    the sun? ..
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    If a/x*x = a then if x =0 a/0*0 = a

    zero/infinity = 0 ...anything not (+,-) infinity is zero when divided by (+,-) infinity (this may actually be undefined, but its limit is 0) infinity/zero DNE
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    If a/x*x = a then if x =0 a/0*0 = a

    this doesnt work becaus infinity/infinity does not equal 1, it is undefined. for <<<GUILLE>>>, 0*infinity = 0
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    If a/x*x = a then if x =0 a/0*0 = a

    when x approaches 0, y approaches +infinity or -infinity depending on direction... that's one of the reasons 1/0 is undefined. there is no point at x= 0, it is untrue that "there is an imaginary point...", it does not exist.
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    If a/x*x = a then if x =0 a/0*0 = a

    5*0 = 4*0 If you can divide by zero, then the zeros cancel and 5 = 4 and you end up with a number system with only 1 element. Its not so much impossible to come up with a system that allows you to divide by zero, its that it would be limiting rather that useful..
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    Four cannibalistic spiders

    not sure what the answer is but they definately continuously get closer to the center until they meet so its not never...
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    What animal and elephants?

    Is this significant?