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    Need help with distance problem

    The distance between point A and B is 1km. A dog and man start walking at the same time from point A toward point B. They will keep walking (if reached B then walk back toward A immediately, and if reached A then walk back toward B immediately, so on). 1.Given that the dog walks twice as fast...
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    Definite integral

    We are just starting integrals right now and I'm having trouble with this problem. I know how to solve a definite integral but I don't quite understand what is being asked here? Just wondering if anyone could let me know where I should start? if∫0,3f(x)dx=12, ∫0,6f(x)dx=42,find...
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    Limit problem

    Homework Statement Evaluate limx->0 (e^x - 1- x - (x^2/2))/x^3 The Attempt at a Solution I can't remember how to solve this limit. Do I need to evaluate each part seperately? I plugged in the 0 to find that the limit does exist. I just can't seem to figure out what to do next.
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    Gas cylinders in space

    What are 5 ways to determine which of 2 identical cylinders is empty and which is full of gas if they are in space?
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    % Energy lost due to friction

    Can the % of Energy lost due to friction be negative? Or is it always positive?
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    Static friction on a car on a circle

    When a car is moving on a circular track which is sloped away from the centre of the track, is the static friction keep that car on the circle (constant speed) towards the outside of the circle, opposite the acceleration? I'm having trouble seeing this because to me, the car would want to...
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    Vectors and impulse force

    Homework Statement A fast ball is pitched at a batter who hits a pop fly vertically into the air. The ball was moving horizontally at 38.45 m/s when it was hit by the bat. As it left the bat it was moving vertically and reached a maximum height of 44.196m. The mass of a baseball is 0.1417 kg...
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    Insect on spinning record problem

    Homework Statement In an old record player, the flat round vinyl disc (record) is placed on a turntable which spins around. Once it gets going around and around, it moves so that the number of revolutions it makes per minute is constant (33 and 1/3). An insect settles on the edge of the...
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    Intro Physics question

    I'm not quite sure where to start with this. Thank you in advance
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    Dimensions of tension

    What are the dimensions of tension? What are the dimensions of linear mass density? Thank you!
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    Find the dimensions of surface tension

    I would really appreciate some help with this! h= (L) r=(L) p=(ML-3) g=(LT-2) I just don't know what to do with the directly proportional sign. Should I isolate the surface tension before or after adding the constant?