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    Help me understand why salted water tastes salty

    Elemental sodium is poisonous so presumably we don't know what it tastes like. Chlorine is a gas, I believe. But we know well the taste of salt, sodium chloride. But dissolving the stuff in water breaks up the molecules into ions which I presume spread around widely. So what are we tasting in...
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    Wonder electro-harm potential of scenario

    If one were to accidentally touch only the hot wire (ie black) of an ordinary household circuit while standing barefoot on a dampish dirt floor, what is the potential for a strong shock and if contact is maintained, possible electrocution? Idealize the scenario with: you're wearing only briefs...
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    Curious about gravitational sluing detail

    Let's say a big rock is headed toward a small moon, impelled only by existing momentum and gravitational pull. The rock is not rotating or tumbling at all, leastwise not in relation to the local time/space norm. The rock is sped up by the moon's gravity and it falls ever faster and faster. But...