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  1. Ralph Dratman

    Are harmonics "real" in a vibrating string?

    I agree with Ibix that the answer depends on what you take as "real" or "not real". Nevertheless I think I understand the motivation of the question, as I have often wondered whether, for example, a sharp click sound is "really" a combination of many different high frequency "tones" -- as the...
  2. Ralph Dratman

    Feeling the Earth rotate

    Great answer! What a fascinating thought.
  3. Ralph Dratman

    Wouldn't using AC to power a lamp result in flickering?

    There is a measurable 120 Hz flicker in US incandescent lighting, a stronger flicker at the same rate in fluorescent illumination, and a maximal on-off flicker in AC-driven LED light. However, the cyclic variation of brightness is too fast for most people to perceive without a device to count...