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  1. rumborak

    I Superfluidic Quantum Computer?

    I think the question I would ask is, what are you trying to gain from switching to this very awkward material? The only advantage I would see is reduction of friction losses, but I'm not sure that's even a major concern in fluidics. On the downside, now you have a device that needs to stay below...
  2. rumborak

    B Begining of time, cause and effect and quantum randomness

    "Illegitimate" may have been a too-connotated word. What I mean is that asking what was "before" time or what "causes" the universe, you are essentially asking "what is 3 plus green?". It's "illegitimate" in that sense.
  3. rumborak

    B Begining of time, cause and effect and quantum randomness

    I too find that most (if not all) discussion of Prime Mover and such are not so much borne out of a legitimate inquiry, but most people's inability to think of scenarios that are not embedded in time. Both the word "before" and "causality" imply an ordering along the time line, and thus already...
  4. rumborak

    Path integral and discontinuous paths

    I'm not all too familiar with the matter at hand, but integrating over discontinuous paths seems like a very weird practice, since (it would seem to me) you would have to account for the gap somehow. Also, you could take the practice to the extreme, shrinking each line segment to a dot, in which...
  5. rumborak

    Concerning Quantum Phenomenon the Center of the Torus

    I have a hard time piecing together what you are asking. Where exactly is the nitrogen? Inside the torus (thus replacing the usual ferrite material) or outside, going through the hole in the middle? If option 1, your magnetic field will drop massively since nitrogen will nowhere near capture the...