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    Understanding rocket motion

    For vertical motion you'll need to account for changing weight w = -mg and the drag, and then if the engine burn is short consider the momentum during coasting flight.. Start here and be sure to visit the NASA link included:
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    Constructive Interference of Sound

    If you are walking around a circle at 5m doesn't the path to each source depend on sine and cosine relationships, or some other variable geometry? In other words, I am asking, is the path difference to be considered as the distance of the listener to each source, and not the distance between the...
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    Kinetic friction, tension, multiple masses

    Kinetic friction works in any direction, however, the vector always opposes the direction of motion (opposite to the velocity). This should resolve your question.
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    The principles of kinematics on an airport runway.

    Kinematics is the study of motion based on measurements of position and time. Based on these measurements one defines velocity and acceleration. Classical Mechanics applies Newton's laws of motion and other principles to predict motion of the plane, and Fluid dynamics is also necessary to...