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    Wheatstone bridge, prove converse.

    Homework Statement You are given a standard Wheatstone bridge, prove that the bridge is balanced if and only if R_x = R_3 \frac{R_2}{R_1} . Subindexes depend on the names assigned to each resistance. Proving that if the bridge is balanced THEN the resistors satisfy said relationship is easy...
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    Gravitational Potential energy

    Changes in potential gravitational energy over a change in height are determined only by the initial and final heights, and you've got both. Just compute U (or V, however you want to call it) at height 1 and then compute U at height 2, and substract. Hint: you gotta consider gravity is acting...
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    Circular Acceleration problem

    You've got two different accelerations in this problem, what you gotta do is compute the value and direction of the total acceleration experienced by the passenger. Hint: where's the 3.25^2/42 acel. pointing to? and the 0.555 one? I hope this helps.
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    Two body applications of Newtons law of cooling.

    Homework Statement What's the formula that better describes the temperature as a function of time for an enclosed body of water with certain initial temperature T_a immersed in another body of water of initial temperature T_b? More clearly, I performed an experiment in which I put a...
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    Effects of high and low pressure on the human body.

    The criteria's not too strict, I just don't see any teacher taking seriously info quoted from wikipedia or yahoo answers. The sources are alright as long as they at least state the authors name, and would be even better if they in turn stated their sources.
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    Effects of high and low pressure on the human body.

    Homework Statement I was asked by my lab teacher to investigate the effects on the human body of being exposed to very high and very low pressures, and while I have found some good sources of info it is not that easy to find good and quotable sources, I was wondering if anyone could offer some...
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    What speed do the electrons have when they strike the screen?

    Dude, just open the nearest physics book available and go to the section on voltage differences between two points in space, you'll know which formula to use right away You can even google it.