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  1. n.karthick

    What are genes, chromosome and DNA?

    Thanks for your reply. What I understood is, many genes form DNA, many DNA molecules form chromosome and many such chromosomes are called as Genome. I will refer to the book you have mentioned. Thanks
  2. n.karthick

    What are genes, chromosome and DNA?

    Hi I am not from biological background and I seek simple explanations for the above (genes, chromosome and DNA) I know plenty of material are available in net, but if some one explains me what they are and how they are connected in essence I would be grateful to him. These terms are repeatedly...
  3. n.karthick

    Medical Will thumb impression change due to injury?

    So what are the legal aspects involved in it? Can you prove through medical terms that you are the same person? My worry is after my injury is cured how can I prove that I am the same person. I donot know how to confirm whether there are any differences from the old and present fingerprints of...
  4. n.karthick

    Medical Will thumb impression change due to injury?

    Hi, Thumb impression is being used in many legal documents for identification of person. I have provided my thumb impression in some legal documents too. My doubt is, if I have some injury in my thumb and after it is cured, will my thumb impression be the same or different? how can I be sure...
  5. n.karthick

    Which organ of human body has longest life

    Hi, I am not biology student and I want to know this In our body, which organ can live for long time and how long it can live? also which is the organ with shortest life? Nowadays people talk about donating eyes, kidneys after their death. So I got this doubt, that whether these organs are...
  6. n.karthick

    Peak of our Evolution

    I don't think so. I cannot even accept that there will be a peak in evolution. Evolution is a slow gradual process, so I don't know the next step. My wish is that humans should soon overcome natural death by some means. Science should help geniuses for example Einstein (this is my personal...