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  1. Ralph Dratman

    I Sorry but it's wave particle duality again...

    Sorry, I don't understand. Why do you say a photon does not have a position observable?
  2. Ralph Dratman

    I What 'Collapses' the Wavefunction of the Universe?

    Assuming finite periodic boundary conditions for the time axis, the Big Bang would be more than adequate to decisively collapse the wavefunction of the universe once an eon.
  3. Ralph Dratman

    Decoherence and apparent collapse

    That is an excellent paper which delivers on the promise of a clear explanation.
  4. Ralph Dratman

    EPR paradox and time of collapse

    Don't you think it is likely that every particle is entangled with some other (usually unknown) particle(s)?
  5. Ralph Dratman

    Non-locality and Counterfactual definiteness

    The experimental results that tend to puzzle us are correlations that can only be observed in retrospect, long after an experiment has been completed. One might say that entanglement leaves behind non-classical tracks. But maybe that should not be surprising, considering that quantum phenomena...
  6. Ralph Dratman

    Non-locality and Counterfactual definiteness

    If you believe FTL is involved, how do you explain the impossibility of using these correlations to communicate information?
  7. Ralph Dratman

    What's so unusual about entanglement?

    Some classically unexpected results of quantum theory used to bother me a lot when I was younger. But now that I am in my sixties, my lack of understanding no longer seems so disturbing. I think this is because I no longer imagine that I will ever be able to "logically" explain everything in the...
  8. Ralph Dratman

    Insights Higher Prequantum Geometry I: The Need for Prequantum Geometry - Comments

    I get the impression you are using more mathematical specifics and details than is usual when presenting this material in the context of physics -- is that right?
  9. Ralph Dratman

    In what sense do within-H-atom electrons "move" at ~1/137c?

    Such a good answer, with a bonus philosophical comment. Very satisfying.
  10. Ralph Dratman

    If probability wave is true wouldn't there be flickering?

    Bill, Even though I had trouble with QM in college, I enjoyed reading the paper you linked. . Your exposition helped me follow the application of the conceptual framework along with the notation. Thank you! Ralph Dratman