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  1. n.karthick

    Probably a simple question

    Ok, my doubt is, as per Science will that void space is still considered as space but not belonging to Universe? In other words are Universe and void space different? If so then we have two things, void space and known Universe. But will it not make the definition of Universe invalid...
  2. n.karthick

    Is gravity an infinite source of energy?

    Reading a physics book and understanding the theory first before jumping in to doubts/conclusions can solve all your confusions. What is discussed till now is 100 years old theory and if you comprehend it, you will be in a better position to ask right questions. All the best.
  3. n.karthick

    Is gravity an infinite source of energy?

    As far as I know from physics, nothing can travel faster than light. Infinite speed for anything is not possible at all. Even effect of gravity can travel at light speed only. That is what Einstein theory of relativity says. If sun disappears suddenly we cannot know it (including its...
  4. n.karthick

    Is gravity an infinite source of energy?

    If the above statement is true, then if I jump up and down it would disturb earth's rotation.:confused:
  5. n.karthick

    Counting stars in the sky

    Hi I want to know how astronomers count the number of stars (or any other celestial object for that matter) in the sky. Will they take a photograph and do some signal processing like counting the number of brightest spots? Is it possible to count accurately since there are billions and...