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  1. rumborak

    Boundary absorption when simulating wave equation

    Thanks for the reply, bigfooted. Yeah, the sponge layer looks like a good candidate in terms of easy of implementation. I think I will use a non-zero damping factor in those cells. One thing I'm not sure about yet is, I've seen some papers have their damping factor curve to be rather...
  2. rumborak

    Boundary absorption when simulating wave equation

    I wrote a wave equation simulation in C# a while ago, and while everything works fine, I am running into the expected problem that my simulation boundaries (ie the edges of the grid) reflect the waves coming to them. Obviously I want to keep the grid of reasonable size, so I looked into what...
  3. rumborak

    Similarity Solutions

    I think that was always my main gripe with them, or at least when I learned about them. I totally understand that they are usually *the* way of describing most physical things. But the solutions one learned about always seemed cherry-picked to work. In the end, I always had the feeling that if I...