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    Schools Graduating in 3 years - less competitive for graduate school?

    You will indeed be at a disadvantage. I have a friend who was in the same situation (although he was a Chemistry major.) He finished all of his required courses in three years, and then during his fourth year, took two or three upper level Chemistry classes per semester (basically he became a...
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    GRE Math Subject testshould I take it?

    after being out of school for 10 years, i would suggest not taking the gre subject test unless you review for > 1 year. there's no way to relearn all of that linear algebra, abstract algebra, number theory, prob/stat etc... the subject test over the years has begun to place less emphasis on calc...
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    Applied Math vs. Computer Science vs. Statistics

    In terms of employability, you will not do too well with just a BS in Stats. You will at least need a masters, and a lot of the senior statistician jobs require PhDs (these jobs pay VERY well.) At the Masters and PhD level, however, employment looks pretty good. On the other hand, you could do...
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    Statistics vs. Economics

    Depends. If you just want a BS in Statistics and then stop there, I would say that they are both pretty close, with Stats maybe being marginally harder. If you want to go on to Grad School in Statistics, then you will basically have to double major in Mathematics, or at least take two...
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    Undergraduate Mathematics Department rankings

    Personally, I believe you can go to just about anywhere for undergrad and still get into a great grad school. I go to a small liberal arts college (free tuition since my mom works there. We're NOWHERE in the rankings, we don't even offer a PhD. But we've had Math BS grads go to Cornell, U of...
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    Schools Best Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Schools

    Most "rankings" put UMNs Chem Eng program in the top 5 (I've seen it listed as high as 1 in some rankings). Thus, I would classify UMN as more of a premier school rather than a "good, but not top 10 school". My brother, who got his Masters in Chemical Engineering from Purdue (and is now...
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    Programs Master's Degree before they get a PhD?

    Definitely go with the PhD
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    Accepted in 11 Uni's. Which one to choose?

    I went to visit a friend of mine at Georgia Tech a few months ago - damn place was a sausage fest, and the campus sucked. Although their academics are excellent (the school has an excellent reputation nationwide) I go to UWM and can say the academics are excellent (top 10 for schools that...
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    Letters of Recommendation

    All three of my professors recommended me for each of my schools. All the letters are the same, they basically just change the name of the school they are recommending you for.
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    Programs Harder to get into PhD program this year?

    According to a professor I spoke, you should be okay. PhD program applications tend to be relatively stable, even in tough economic times (is there really going to be a flood of laid of financial guys applying to Physics/Math/Stat/Chemistry Phd programs?) However, during tough economic times...
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    Does Medical Physics require Organic Chemistry?

    Definitely take the class! As a sidenote - AP classes are not necessarily inferior to 101 courses offered at universities.
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    Testing Math GRE advice

    The Math Subject Test or the General GRE?
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    Closed or Open?

    I'm not very good at topology but am reviewing it for the GRE Subject Test. Here's a question that I think I know, but would like to check with you guys. We define: Ek = B(0, k) - B(0, k-1), where B(0,k) is an open ball around the origin with diameter k. Now suppose that Tk is a subset of Ek...
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    General GRE

    What do most Math/Stat grad programs consider a "good score" for the general GRE? A friend told me you need an 800 in the quant section, and I've also heard that as long as you're above 700, you should be fine. I took the general GRE today, got a 570 in verbal, 790 quantitative. Don't know...
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    Programs Pure Math Major Questions

    For sophomores, most universities make you take one or two courses from each branch of Mathematics (Algebra, Analysis, Number Theory, Prob/Stats etc). Figure out which field (or two) you could see yourself doing research in, and then load up of those courses Junior/Senior year. Don't worry about...
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    Economy's Effect on Assisstantships

    I hope this year will still be OK. I REALLY want to get into a Stats PhD program and hope to get a TA + tuition waiver. Thanks for the warnings guys. I'm definitely going to apply to a few more schools to be safe.
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    GRE Mathematics Subject Test

    Yeah... you're making the smart decision. Even if you got in somewhere, it's better to wait a year and strengthen your background, otherwise you will drown in Grad School. As for the GRE Subject Test, make sure you go over all the practice tests and get used to the format/timing/tricks. The...
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    Schools Graduate school admissions and wall street layoffs

    Yeah I don't think Physics/Math people have too much to worry about. Oh and Computer Science is usually pretty volatile (especially Master's programs). A lot of laid off IT people go back for their next degree.
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    Schools Graduate school admissions and wall street layoffs

    Some programs usually see huge increases during economic slowdowns (MBA, Law Schools, Master's Programs). I'm taking about 50-100% increases in applicants. According to my Math Department Chair, our Math PhD program usually sees about 10-15% increase in applicants during financial slowdowns...
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    Math Careers for a Math Ph. D. grad

    He started working about 6 years ago, works as a consultant. Makes 250K in USD. He was hired for being intelligent, logical, and good at problem solving (proven by the Math Phd), not for his mastery of algebraic topology and functional analysis.
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    Math Careers for a Math Ph. D. grad

    One of my cousins is a Math PhD who left academia (after only two years) for the business world. Last I heard, his salary was pretty close to 250k. Of course, he doesn't actually use any of the Math he learned.
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    Programs Help a math major choose his classes

    Take as many as possible! If you're going to study pure math in grad school, Number Theory, Topology, Complex, and Topics in Alg Structures (which I assume is Advanced Abstract Algebra) are MUST HAVES. If your going the applied route, your course selection will depend heavily on what you...
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    Calculus/Real Analysis test links

    Did you try Google? Punching in "improper integral problems" yielded many pages of practice problems and old exams.
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    Motivation In my Number Theory Class…

    Personally (this may not work for you), I work on 3-5 problems at a time, spending 15 minutes on each one and repeating the process until I'm done (or until I get tired, which is usually around the 3 hour mark). Don't fret about not getting the right answer. Proofs are (caution: cliche) all...
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    Preparing for GRE MATH Subject test

    A friend of mine took it twice. Scored ~62%ile the first time, ~77%ile the second time. Got into two top 25 schools. From what I understand, taking it twice is okay, as long as your score doesn't go down the second time. Also, if you scored very low the first time, you'll probably want to...
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    Teaching Calculus for the First Time

    Can't go wrong with Apostol's Calculus text
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    Programs Where to apply for Math PhD

    Thanks for the reply. I have done some research, but it wasn't in Math. I basically did all the statistical analysis for an chemistry professor and will be published. However, this wasn't actual research in Math, just some number crunching/analyzing data. As for other students, we've had recent...
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    Programs Where to apply for Math PhD

    I was wondering if any of you can give me some advice as to what "level" Math grad schools I should apply to. I will be applying for Fall 2009 admission in a few months. Here is my basic info: College: Small liberal arts college (unknown to the greater Math world basically)...