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    Medical Are dreams experiences?

    In the 1970s Daniel C. Dennett, Smart Dude, provided an interesting alternative hypothesis to the one that dreams are real experiences of some "false" reality that we have when we sleep. His alternative was that dreams are in fact false memories of experiences we did not actually have while...
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    Medical What's the LD50 of mayonnaise?

    Urgent help needed.
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    Quicky ac adapter circuit

    I'd like to stick an ac adapter onto a circuit such that when the adapter is plugged in it runs on the ac adapter, but when it isn't plugged in it runs on batteries. Anyone know of a quick elegant solution? I'm sure these circuits get made all the time, but I can't seem to find any! I'm...
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    Stuffing a black hole full of electrons?

    What would happen to black hole, if I just kept stuffing it with electrons (and nothing else)? It occurs to me that as I keep stuffing them in, the black hole's charge would go up and up, but since the repulsive force of electrons is greater then the attractive force of gravity, could I start...