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    Calculus and Pizza

    I am currently reading Clifford Pickover's book Calculus and Pizza. I'm taking analysis right now, but I just want to get a head start on calculus. Does anyone know how much of a standard calculus course this book covers? And what other good, easy-to-read calculus books are there?
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    Existence and The Matrix

    Alright, if any of you have seen The Matrix, then you have heard Morpheous's question to Neo concerning reality. In the matrix, Neo and Morpheous see a red chair and a television. Neo says that none of it is real, based on the logic that it is all of a computer program. Morpheous responds by...
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    The smallest prime

    I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, it certainly seems like someone must have have thought of it before. Anyway, here it is: is -1 a prime number? After all, primes are divisible only by the number 1 and by themselves. -1 is divisible only by 1 and itself. Is it therefore the smallest...
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    Parallel universes almost certainly do not exist

    I came up with this reasoning last week, and I've been looking forward to posting this here since then. Okay, supposedly parallel universes are created when a choice is made, such as Milk or Tea, Answer the phone or Don't answer the phone, and Post this in the forums or Don't post this in the...