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    Find mappings between two surface meshes (for morphing)

    I want to morph two surface meshes made from triangles and quadrilaterals. They are already "compatible" so that one can be converted to the other simply by changing the coordinates of the vertices. No vertices, gaps, edges, etc. are created or destroyed. Not sure of the terminology. I think...
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    What do you call a more general boundary condition?

    Is there a term to describe something like a boundary condition but which can be applied within the domain, not just on the boundaries? For example in a heat transfer problem you might specify a constant rate of heat generation in some region. Is that still called a boundary condition...
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    Fitting an ellipse to a quadratic curve

    Hello. This is 2D with arbitrary orientations. I have a quadratic curve segment defined by 2 end points and another one in between. I can find lots of other points along this curve. I want to find a close-enough elliptic spline. It is defined by 2 end points and the point of intersection...
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    Make this function continuous/numerically stable.

    Hello. I have a function which doesn't work near A=0. I want to change it to something that a computer can evaluate for any value of A. y = [exp(Ax) - 1] / [exp(A)-1] As you can see below, it approaches y=x when A->0. I was wondering about multiplying the numerator and denominator by...