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    What is the value of acceleration due to gravity

    Why dont you substitute the value which you deem to be the first not acceptable answer for gravity, and work it backwards to get your distance?
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    Ball rolling on a grass slope

    To throw them the same distance, consider that for a lighter object, the grass deformation would remove more of it's kinetic energy, which would slow it down. Versus the larger mass, which has more initial Kinetic energy. (assuming that their speeds are the same) So I would imagine if you would...
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    Slipping on an inclined plane

    Friction force (using static coefficient of friction) (Gravitational force normal to plane caused by gravity) vs gravitational force in the direction parralel to your inclined surface.
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    Fluid mechanics question

    The problem is that water doesnt have elastic characteristics similar to gas. therefore It wont store energy at a different pressure. To think of it, I'm not sure if a still body of water can have more pressure unless it is located at higher height (stored as potential energy). Basically Boyles...
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    What is work?

    OP, dont fret over the formulas. Watch a Richard Feynman on electricity and you'll get what your looking for. A way to visualise the concept.