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    Turing Machines

    I'm so very confused on how to go about these problems. Define a TM that for every n duplicates a string of the form 1^n, creating 1^n 0 1^n. Does the machine calculate any function? We're using the notion that a string of n+1 n's represents n. Basically, I've surmised that I need a...
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    Mean Value Theorem Question

    Use the Intermediate Value Theorem and/or the Mean Value Theorem and/or properties of G'(x) to show that the function G(x) = x^2 - e^{\frac{1}{1+x}} assumes a value of 0 for exactly one real number x such that 0 < x < 2 . Hint: You may assume that e^{\frac{1}{3}} < 2 . So I'm completely lost...
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    Trigonmetric Integration Question

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I figure it would be appropriate to briefly introduce myself before asking my question. My name is Nick. I've graduated highschool and I am presently taking the year off before attending university next fall. Having a lot of free time has allowed me to begin learning...