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    Copper oxide superconductors

    I'm trying to understand a bit more about high temperature superconductors. I'm familiar with BCS theory and a little bit about high temp superconductors, but I'm still confused about a bunch of stuff Why exactly is copper oxide used in high temperature superconductors? Why is this specific...
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    Angular Momentum

    I know this sounds weird, but I studied QM and GR before classical physics, and I'm just lost when it comes to angular momentum problems. Homework Statement A sphere is moving along a lane. It slides initially then rolls. The initial speed is V_{cm} and initial angular speed \omega. The...
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    Carbon Nanotubes

    [SOLVED] Carbon Nanotubes I'm doing some work with carbon nanotubes, their history, their uses, technology that incorporate them, and generally looking into the field. Can anyone tell me any reputable sources for information regarding current research in carbon nanotubes? Are there any...