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    Another easy Conservation of Energy Question

    A girl swings back and forth on a swing with ropes that are 4.00 m long. The maximum height she reaches is 2 m above the ground. At the lowest point of the swing she is .5 m above the ground. (a) The girl attains the maximum speed (1)at the top, (2) in the middle, (3) at the bottom of the swing...
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    Force with kinetic energy question

    [SOLVED] Force with kinetic energy question A 2.5-g bullet traveling at 350 m/s hits a tree and slows uniformly to a stop while penetrating a distance of 12 cm into the tree's truck. What force was exerted on the bullet in bringing it to a rest? Not sure on this one. I know to find to...
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    Easy Spring Constant Question

    [SOLVED] Easy Spring Constant Question A particular spring has a force constant of 2.5 x 10^3 N/m. (a) How much work is done in stretching the relaxed spring by 6.0 cm? (b) How much more work is done in stretching the spring an additional 2.0 cm? I am using W=1/2kx^2 but I am not...
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    Newton's Second Law of Motion acceleration problem

    An object (mass 10.0 kg) slides upward on a slippery vertical wall. A force F of 60 N acts at an angle of 60 degrees (the force is 60 degrees South of the x+ axis, it's shown in a picture) Determine the normal force exerted on the object by the wall. Next, determine the object's acceleration...
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    Angles and forces/normal force

    [SOLVED] Angles and forces/normal force... 1. A car coasts (engine off) up a 30 degree grade. If the speed of the car is 25 m/s at the bottom of the grade, what is the distance traveled by the car before it comes to rest? 2. Umm...I have no idea what equations are used in this problem. I...