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    What do you do with your free time?

    I read a metric f-ton of novels. Around one a week during the school year and four a week during the summer. Over the Christmas break all my exams were done early and I had almost a full four weeks off. I was pounding through a novel a day on my kindle. Other than that I watch hockey...
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    Mean Physics Teacher?

    ... Really? They aren't getting 'robbed' of anything. They're being rewarded with exactly what they earned. Top universities don't want lazy students that depend on rote memorization.
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    Tingly feeling in brain after solving hard problem?

    Heh, yes... But only rarely. Usually when I've been working on something really, really hard for a long time and I'm not getting it. It's not working. I cannot get it. I've stopped and come back, still nothing. I'm getting really angry, I'm berating myself, I'm in the middle of my third...
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    Things to do at Work When Bored

    Things to do at work when bored, eh? Work. You know... What you're being paid to do? Edit: Just remembered the job I'll be working this summer. If I'm working at a job that legitimately has downtime (e.g. tech support in a call centre), all my notes are up to date, and my supervisor is...