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    (True/False) Basic Probability Theory

    Hi Tim, Many thanks for your prompt revert. Hmmm...It looks kinda meaningless to me. But I'm just perturbed by the fact that there exists such a rule in which the probability of the union of 2 statistically events A & B is the the sum of their individual probabilities (i.e...
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    (True/False) Basic Probability Theory

    Dear all, I have a question. Suppose we have 3 events X,Y,Z defined as having 200 heads, 400 heads & 600 heads obtained in tossing a fair coin for 800 times. Then, P(Z)=P(X+Y)=P(600)=P(200+400)=P(X)+P(Y)=P(200)+P(400) The answer is false but I view it otherwise. My argument is based...
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    Help On Engineering Probability Resources

    Dear all, I'm currently taking an engineering module which is probability based. However, it's not a maths module. Instead, it's a probability module designed to come under the context of engineering. The probability topics range from sets, RV, PDF, applied statistics, random process, complex...
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    Vector Algebra

    Dear all, Anyone happan to have good online lecture video links on Vector Algebra? I need to get an understanding of things like 'Curl', 'Divergence' etc which I will be using it for my Electromagnetic module. Any help/advise will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards
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    Taking the limit of this as s-> 0 (algebra based)

    Homework Statement Hi all, this may sound trivial but I've been like cranking my brains on this. Probably I just cant see it. Will need someone to shed some light. Taking the limit of [(1/s)(a-b)/(s^2 + cs + a)] as s-> 0 Homework Equations Stated above The Attempt at a Solution...
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    Transfer function generation tool

    Dear experts, I'm thinking if there are any free tools available for download which are capable of generating transfer functions based on a drawn amplifier circuit?
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    Trouble with minimum surface area for a cylinder

    Dear all, I was reading through my notes and I was kinda like stumbled in the way the minimum surface area of a cylinder has been derived. First, A= 2*PI*r^2 + 2*PI*r*h and given the condition that the volume has been fixed, the resulting area equation becomes A= 2*PI*r^2 + 2V/r...
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    Finding the charges on surfaces (hollow spheres)

    Dear all, Two hollow conducting spheres have a common center O. The dimensions of the spheres are as shown (attached above). A charge of −200 nC is placed on the inner conductor and a charge of +80 nC is placed on the outer conductor. The inner and outer surfaces of the spheres are...
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    Finding the electric force on each sphere

    Dear experts, Please guide me along with this problem. Two identical small conducting spheres are separated by 0.60 m. The spheres carry different amounts of charge and each sphere experiences an attractive electric force of 10.8 N. The total charge on the two spheres is −24 μC. The two...
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    Line integrals

    Hi, I'm greatly puzzled by the physical meaning of line integrals. Based on my understanding, the line inetgral of a scalar function is taking the integral of a function over a curve. What does this exactly mean? I mean the physical meaning? Just find it hard to absorb and apply the rule...
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    Resources needed to brush up my physics

    Dear all valuable experts/readers, I'm currently an undergraduate and I'm taking up this classical physics module which focuses mainly on kinematics, newton's laws of motion, energy conservation, momentum & impluses and centre of masses. I'm kinda like experiencing problems following...
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    Maths graphical tools

    Thank you so much guys.
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    Maths graphical tools

    Dear all valuable experts, I'm looking for a free based maths graph plotting software which could display a sketch for various or any kind of functions supplied. Any idea if such software even exists? Thanks in advance.
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    Kinematics of ball rolling motion

    Wow..Thanks... You have clarified some of my doubts. I will read up more to enhance my understanding and also check out the site you've given. Appreciate your leads once again. :)
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    Kinematics of ball rolling motion

    Hi, Appreciate your revert. Err...Perhaps the attachment above can outline my confusion better... What I'm seeing is a ball set to rolling on a track (horizontal->downward straight ramp->horizontal->upward straight ramp). At t=t0 it is released at the very left of the track with velocity...
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    Kinematics of ball rolling motion

    Hi everyone, I'm kinda new and I'm trying to understand some kinematic principles which I cant really figure out... Without using intuition, what is the proof behind in explaining that the velocity of a rolling ball down a straight ramp increases and the velocity decreases when the...