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    Math/FARM or CS (Waterloo)

    One of the things to consider at the moment are the career options each of the major provide. If you think about it, if you choose Mathematics/Financial Analysis and Risk Management, you'd be narrowing down your career options quite a lot. Whereas on the other hand, Computer Science would...
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    Admissions Applying for Physics PhD

    ok, so just to clarify - I can apply to a PhD program while I am still in my final year in college?
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    Admissions Applying for Physics PhD

    Hey I am a Physics student in UK. I will be finishing my second year at the end of this month. Then, I would have 2 graduation options 1. I can graduate in 2013 with a BSc in Physics OR 2. I can graduate in 2014 with a MSc in Physics I want to apply to US universities for my PhD. So, I...