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    Kinematics motion, projectile. This was an mcat problem. Thanks

    A firecracker with mass 100g is propelled vertically with a launch force of 1.2N applied over 5s, after which it explodes into two 50g fragments. One fragment goes horizontally at 15m/s and the other goes to the right at angle 53 degrees with the horizontal at speed 25 m/s. find the distance...
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    Motion in a vertical circle

    A 0.8 kg ball is whirled on a string r = 0.4 meters long in a vertical circular path. At the bottom of the circle, the ball is h = 0.45 meters from the ground. At the top of the circle, the ball has a speed of 3 m/s. Assume that the total energy of the ball is kept constant. a. Calculate...
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    Elevator question

    100 kg elevator acclerates up at rate avg a*. What's the avg force acting on the elevator if it covers a distance X over a period of 10s? a* denotes average accleration a. 2X + 1000 b. 100(a* + 1) c. 2a* + 1000 d. 2a*X I set up a free body diagram to show all the forces acting on the...
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    Standing Waves in a closed pipe

    So confused about standing waves in a closed pipe, which is open at one end and closed at the other. The closed end has a node while the open end has an antinode. To figure the wavelength, i use the formula: Lambda = 4L/n where n is the number of harmonic and can only be odd integers...
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    Work and Energy

    A light horizontal spring has a spring constant of 108 N/m. A 3.05 kg block is pressed against one end of the spring, compressing the spring 0.111 m. After the block is released, the block moves 0.204 m to the right before coming to rest. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2 . What is...