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    Magnet vs CRT TV a.k.a question about magnetic poles of electrons

    Yes, I know that moving charged particles are affected by magnetic fields. But that means that 1 pole of the magnet attracts negative charge and the other one repels it. From that can we derive that one pole of the magnet has + charge and the other one has - charge or not?
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    Magnet vs CRT TV a.k.a question about magnetic poles of electrons

    When watching some videos about neodymium magnets, I came upon a very interesting phenomenon. Namely, the maker of the video put a large magnet near an old CRT TV. At first, a big black spot appeared on the screen. This means that the electrons were repelled from from the magnet and didn't...
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    Sci-Fi Writing Resources You can find a name for your sci-fi character in there An another member suggested the site, I just added it to the resources.
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    Sci-Fi Writing Resources You can convert fictional currencies in there. Well... this isn't really a resource, but it can help you when you are figuring out the value of money in your own sci-fi universe.
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    Alcubierre Drive antimatter requirements This is one of the sites. I couldn't find the other ones but I can guarantee you that there are more
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    Alcubierre Drive antimatter requirements

    Yep, we only have a few micrograms on earth. I suppose, that no one here will solve this question, since warp drive is only hypothetical. I am still thinking for how long you can maintain the bubble?
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    Alcubierre Drive antimatter requirements

    Some sources say, that alcubierre warp drive would have no need for exotic matter but to create a warp bubble around a shuttle-sized spaceship would require only 100-500 kg of antimatter. Still some believe it would not function without exotic matter and some positive energy. The question is: Is...
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    Physics games

    This is more of a Chemistry game but still... Powder Toy has fluid and powder physics. If you have ever played Powder Game then this is more advanced. It has nuclear fission, fusion, subatomic particles, electric currents, acids, diferent states of matter, photons and more cool...
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    Sci-Fi Writing Resources

    Here is a good link that talks about sci-fi combat:
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    Sci-Fi Writing Tips

    If you're looking for miltary sci-fi then go to
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    Carbon nanotube exoskeleton

    I have a site that tells nothing about putting wax between the tubes: Some say that the wax will make the muscle stronger. But why is a single nanotube stronger than a bundle of CNTs?
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    Carbon nanotube exoskeleton

    Can we make exoskeletons out of CNTs? I have a few questions 1. Do CNTs expand when electricity is applied or you have to put wax betwen them? 2. Can we produce enough nanotubes to make a full-body suit? 3. Is graphene suitable for an armor? Some say that when you put a elephant on a...
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    Speculative Question about Pure Fusion

    You need a high energy environment for the fusion reaction to happen.
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    Speculative Question about Pure Fusion

    1 question. How are you going to trigger the fusion?
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    SF Writer's Speculative question on Space Combat

    If you have any questions about space combat then maybe this site can help you
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    Carbon fiber bulletproof

    A guy recently invented Kryon - a material made up of CNTs and aluminium. The article said that it resisted multiple 50. cal rounds. That would be a pretty good armour but you would still get hurt by the impact.
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    How does pulse propulsion work

    ok thanks. I know now that they can be various weapons bearing the same name.
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    How does pulse propulsion work

    I've heard about pulse rifles in movies and games, but I haven't been able to understand how they work. I know that they have to do something with plasma, but they shoot pulse slugs too. Please explain how they work.