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    Classical Mechanics

    Okay, I have this textbook about Classical Mechanics. It is NOT a high school textbook, it's like a college textbook, which requires beyond algebra. I also have calculus textbook, but I have not mastered multivariable calculus yet. If I do master this, will it help me finish Classical Mechanics...
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    Know what StarCraft is

    I'm sure you know what StarCraft is. Better yet, It's where people play StarCraft online gaming. People have fun. People call others noobs. People are smart. People ban slow dls or trash talkers. People getting mad about "45 seconds" Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Worst yet, my experience with...
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    MIT vs. Yale

    I don't know.
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    Correct matching!

    Which one is correct?
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    StarCraft poll

    Hmm... which race?
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    Beethoven vs. Mozart

    Hmm... Who wins?
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    Competition between geniuses

    Newton FTW
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    What do you guys think of physics

    What do you guys think?
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    Programs Bachelor's degree

    Let's say a person is working full-time on a job. Then, if he/she wanted to get a bachelor's degree in physics for example, then what's his/her best choice? To take a university's evening courses, or online courses, or what?
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    Hot girls Random question

    This is a very random question. Why does most males prefer hot girls over cute girls (provided that they're both different type of looks)?
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    A poll about origami.

    A poll about origami.
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    Battle between musicians

    Ludwig van Beethoven is the smartest musician in the above list.
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    Who's the better actor?

    Definitely Mel Gibson.
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    Harvard mathematics Ph.D

    Does Harvard expect people with straight A's in every subject in academic (including history, English, etc.) and perfect 2400 on SAT for getting into Ph.D program in mathematics in Harvard, or they expect just average scores on other academic subjects and SAT, but perfect 800 on mathematics on...
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    Math Math professor vs. physics professor

    In any general university, which professor tend to make little more money? Or, are they about the same?
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    Regarding jobs

    I have searched some random physics related jobs in internet, and it says "Who May Apply: Agency Employees Only". The job was I really wanted to do when I grow up, but after me getting a Ph.D in a required subject for the job in future, is it good enough to sign up for the job? More importantly...
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    A problem

    Somehow, my number of posts would not increase when I post a topic or reply. Help!
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    Ph.D in physics at MIT

    If someone wants to go for a Ph.D program for physics at MIT, then what are the general requirements? And, how long does it take, and how much does it cost?
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    Michio Kaku - the Jimmy Page of physics

    Michio Kaku - the Jimmy Page of physics. Anyone get the joke? :biggrin:
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    Physics competition between geniuses

    Who wins this time? I've voted for Albert Einstein. E = mc² is a genius equation!
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    Physics competition between two geniuses!

    Who is it?
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    Ph.D on mathematics or physics. . .?

    Okay, I really wanted to get a Ph.D on either mathematics or physics. I have current knowledge all the way up to differential equations for mathematics, and just classical mechanics and Principia for physics. I will go for the doctoral degree after six years (after the Navy). If I want to get a...
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    Einstein on QM

    Okay, I have heard that Albert Einstein wasn't really into this whole idea of quantum mechanics. What was some of the reasons for this?
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    Fun math problem from IMO 2007

    2. Consider five points A, B, C, D and E such that ABCD is a parallelogram and BCED is a cyclic quadrilateral. Let l be a line passing through A. Suppose that l intersects the interior of the segment DC at F and intersects line BC at G. Suppose also that EF = EG = EC. Prove that l is the...
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    Physics Guarenteed to qualify for being physicist in NASA (salary at least $90000)

    Hello guys, I am going into U.S. Navy next year, and I am signed up in Nuclear Power Program (Nuclear Physics) thing in the Navy. Then, I will also get a bachelor's degree in the Navy while aboard a ship, and after all that six years, I can stay in Navy, and go for the PhD for physics, so...
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    How does your brain work?

    I was always curious on this one. What part of brain do we use for solving physics problems?
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    Science is great! E=mc^(2a+5a-5a+3-2+5-4-2a-2)

    Hello, Well, I am one of the members of MyMathForum (my name there is johnny). I always like mathematics, and I am going into the Navy in February of 2010 for the Nuclear Power Program, which is based on nuclear physics. I always want to become a good physicist, and after the Navy, I want to...