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    Question about viruses

    Question about viruses .... Homework Statement The question is true or false: All virus particles produced from infected cells are infectious. Homework Equations conceptual The Attempt at a Solution I find this to be very confusing. On the one hand, some virions are...
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    Chem question on dash-wedge structures

    Homework Statement how would you draw this structure in 3d using dash-wedge representation? HN=C=CH2 From my guess, I drew the N=C=C as being parallel, and the two hydrogens coming off the second C without having any dashes or wedges, but curving at 120 degrees from the carbon. For the...
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    Lenses question

    Homework Statement An object is 18cm in front of a diverging lens that has a focal length of -12cm. How far in front of the lens should the object be placed so that the size of its image is reduced by a factor of 2.0? Homework Equations 1/do + 1/di = 1/f m= -di/do The Attempt at a...
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    Another question about magnetic fields

    Homework Statement Wut force will the rod that rests on the 2 parallell rails feel when the battery switch is closed a. to the right b. out of the page c. to the left d. into the page Homework...
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    Help with lenz's law

    Homework Statement A small metel ring, as illustrated by the picture, is dropped into a region of constant magnetic field. For regions 1, 2 and 3, determine (a) whether the induced current is clockwise, counterclockwise, or zero (b) whether the magnetic force on the ring upward...
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    Question about sound frequency of an organ ?

    Question about sound frequency of an organ....? Homework Statement Based on this picture from the Jehmlich organ manufacturer in Dresden, Germany, estimate the frequency of sound produced by the organ pipe held by the man. Assume that the pipe is a tube open at both ends...
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    Question about sound intensity

    Homework Statement the sound intensity level at a rock concert is 115 dB, while that at a jazz fest is 95 dB. By what factor does sound intensity increase? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution 115-95= 20 10log(rock/jazz)=20 log(rock/jazz)=2 Rock/Jazz=100
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    Question about microphone sound

    Homework Statement One microphone is located at the origin, and a second microphone is located on the +y axis. The microphones are separated by a distance of D=1.5 m. A source of sound is located on the +x axis, its distances from microphones 1 and 2 being L1 and L2, respectively. The speed...
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    Question about beats

    Homework Statement Two out-of tune flutes play the same note. One produces a tone that has a frequency of 262 Hz, while the other produces 266 Hz. When a tuning fork is sounded together with the 262-Hz tone, a beat frequency of 1 Hz is produced. When the same tuning fork is sounded together...
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    Question about skylab speed

    Homework Statement The attached videoclip shows footage from Skylab, launched in 1973, used during 1973-74, and in orbit until 1979. During the final seconds of the clip, you can see three astronauts exercising. One of them is running around the station. Estimate the speed that he should...