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    Lingering Smells

    Lingering Electrical Smells My toaster oven shorted out this morning. My wife saw a flash, a small flame and then very limited smoke. Then the smell....oh that lingering electrical stink that permeates the air spreading at the speed of light thoughout the house. I qiickly removed the toaster...
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    Cohesion of water

    Anyone know the value for the cohesive force of water (STP) ? I am having difficulty finding this info even thgough I have made a solid attempt to look for these value(s). I assume the units would be in force/area.
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    Paper bend in space

    Questions arise in my high school physics class about all sorts of things. A current thought question had to do with a piece of paper in space and a constant force being supplied at its center, perhaps by an alien or astronauts finger tip. Would the outer edges of the paper bend from the center...