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    Suggestions for a Power System Analysis book?

    Thanks all. I ordered used copies of the books suggested by jim hardy and Dr.D. I dont expect good conditions, but they were so cheap so I'll wait and see. If I like them I can buy them in better condition later. The book suggested by Electrical also seems like a good choice, I will take a...
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    Suggestions for a Power System Analysis book?

    Hi, I want a book about power system analysis that I can have laying around and read from time to time. I have taken a course in power system analysis some time ago, where I was taught simple fault analysis including unbalanced faults, frequency and voltage control. So to maintain this...
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    Engineering Power Quality with focus on harmonics

    Hi Anyone got any suggestions/recommendations for literature either available for free online or books that I have to buy? My background: Electrical engineering student, working on a project that is about analysis of power quality with focus on harmonics.