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    B Is the kinetic energy of a particle quantized?

    Is the kinetic energy of a particle quantized? Does it increase and decrease in discreet amounts?
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    B Gravitational Redshift of a laser

    If we run two identical lasers and put one at sea level and one on top of a high mountain, will they operate at different frequencies?
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    B A tale of three clocks

    The experiment done by Hafele & Keating took clocks around the world in two directions and compared the readout to a static clock to measure time dilation effects. Everything fitted nicely with Einstein’s predictions. To avoid confusion let’s move the clocks way out in space to a real inertial...
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    B What is a clock?

    How do we decide what is a clock and how do clocks that rely on different technologies stay synchronized?
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    B Information from a black hole

    I read recently that no information comes out of a black hole. Doesn’t the mass information exit a Black hole with ease? Say I am orbiting a black hole and looking away. If while looking away the black hole gobbled up another star I could tell immediately that something had changed inside the...
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    B Inertia and Mach's Principle

    Mach, Newton and others observed that centrifugal forces appear in a object when it rotates in relation to the stars. Einstein was convinced by this and tried, unsuccessfully as far as I understand, to incorporate what he called Mach’s Principle into General Relativity. From Wikipedia -”Mach’s...