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    Took my General GRE today

    Verbal: 440 Quantitative: 730 I registered for the exam a month ago and intended to study for it (books, vocabulary flash cards, etc), but didn't spend as much time as I intended and did horribly on verbal (quant. isn't so hot, either). Should I retake it again before they change it this...
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    Programs Programming classes or self-teach? (physics major)

    Hello. I am a third year physics major (technically, although I am still taking 200 level classes) and understand that programming is a must. I do not know anything about programming. I initially planned on taking a summer programming course (if not, then next fall) but it seems as though I'd...
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    Vote for my dog in this contest please!

    He's the cutest dog in the world. His name is Boots. My gf rescued him from the pound. He was only 2 days away from being put to sleep. THANKS! You may have to register, but you won't get spam if you uncheck the...
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    Good paleoanthropology books?

    Can anyone recommend any good paleoanthropology books? I've searched through the books on Amazon and I'm considering: Extinct Humans - Ian Tattersall The Last Human - Sawyer Smithsonian Guide to Human Origins The Dawn of Human Culture I'm looking for a good first-time book. I don't know...
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    Neil deGrasse Tyson speaking at the Hayden Planetarium this Wednesday

    Neil deGrasse Tyson will be speaking about "Pluto" this Wednesday at the Hayden Planetarium, followed by a book signing. Info: Wednesday, February 11 7:00 PM Hayden Planetarium Space Theater $13.50 - $15 Here's the link...
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    Mystery Roar from Faraway Space detected

    Just found this article...thought you guys may want to check it out.
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    Lighting Design Question (COMCHECK)

    I am doing a job for a retail store. They are 2000W over. I've looked over everything including allowances for merchandise. They don't want to reduce the ceiling lighting or the millwork furniture lighting. Does anybody know of any "tips" or "secrets" I can use to pass? Some hidden code...
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    Spinning at the speed of light?

    Actually I have a couple of questions. First of all, I'm new here so hello to everyone. 1) Is it possible for an object or something to rotate at the speed of light? For example, with a special record player, can a record spin at or near the speed of light or does c only refer to a straight...