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    Newbie here with intro thermodynamics question

    Since the mass of the baloon and payload is known then the mass of the air inside it must be equal to the mass of the air it displaces minus the mass of the baloon and payload. This is the same principle that lets a submarine maintain its depth. Compress the air from the balast tanks and let...
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    Water evaporated

    The pan evaporation science is the same for indoor as well as outdoor cases. you just ahve to find charts that work for the conditions you want. Just Google for "pan evaporation"
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    Water evaporated

    That may well be, but the link I provided will prove helpful anyway.
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    Water evaporated

    Pan evaporation is used to estimate such things as solar energy per sq measure and lake evaporation. In the solar energy test two pans are used and one is open to the sun while the other is exposed to all the same conditions except that it is under a screen to shield it from the sun. The...
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    Smallest unit of time

    To my knowledge there is no "shortest unit of time". There is only an inability to measure time to determine if one actually exists. So far conventional thinking is divided between the uniform flow camp and the discrete unit camp and no one has devised a way to prove or disprove either one.
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    Increase gas pressure in unchanged volume

    Any calculations you make will have to take into account STP or Standard Temperature and Pressure. You also have to know that to raise the pressure in a fixed volume container will also raise the temperature. But then after you have raised the pressure, and the temp went up with it, the pressure...
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    Sound waves in organ pipes.

    The pitch of an organ pipe is due to the resonant frequency of the air column. Pressure changes due to how hard the pipe is blown on have only a slight effect on frequency. What does change how a pipe should be tuned is the medium it is played with. Air has a different resonant frequency...
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    Potential nuclear energy

    If you are asking how much atomic energy in the body in the form of fissionable material you would have to know what amount of that material the body contains. If you just want to know the total conversion figure (a fission bomb only releases about 3% and a fusion bomb about 7%) then you simply...
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    Polarization change upon reflection

    Continued from previous post..... First When I screwed two of my circular polarizers together in the normal orientation I noticed a pronounced shift from warm to cool as I rotated one of them. This could give you an adjustable color temp filter. The two I have are a plain circular...
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    Polarization change upon reflection

    Mirrors are made reflective by depositing a layer of silver (older mirrors) or aluminum on the glass. An alternate is to use a polished metal surface. Polarization does not occur when light is reflected from metal surfaces. So whatever polarization is present in the incident light is preserved...