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    I love you

    I am glad my parents say those three words out loud very often... :) sadly, my brothers do not... happy my best friends and I do! but if I were to say it to that special someone... it has to be when it really is special, and I am really willing to love the person eventually... "I Love You" is...
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    Chat is Open 1/18/09

    Ermm, that makes it around after midnight, on the 19th for all your PF friends here in the far east!!!! :uhh:
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    Renewable Energy- I have a Dream

    Not to boast or anything, I was the top in the class and one of the top students in the country and state (O-levels equivalent exams) and now in HSC( something like A- levels), to be more specific, STPM(Malaysian Higer School Certificate)...
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    Small Physicist Big Dreams

    Hey there, I had the same dreams when I was about your age, now I am in my A-levels and still wondering whether this path, the one rarely taken, should be taken..... ~life is nothing without dreams....~
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    Undergrad in the UK or the USA

    I might pursue grad school in the US. How much do UK and US undergrad schools differ in terms of the syllabus. I've looked at the course framework of a number of leading universities in both countries: picked two of my choices(they are the "biggies" i know,no harm trying)...
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    Undergrad in the UK or the USA

    Its better to hear from the people who are and have been in that side of life already , right? especially if they are a part of the teaching/academia and scholars... experience counts.... well, an advise when you are free will surely help me. thanks
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    Undergrad in the UK or the USA

    Hello there I've heard that undergraduate course in Physics/Maths/Eng in universities in UK and US differ in a few ways. I could search through the websites of renowned Universities of both these countries, unfortunately, I have a big exam coming up soon, and do not have much time to do this...
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    String Theory: a layman's explanation [joke]

    I would certainly agree to TheLizardKing(i am also a layman to this subject) Physics intrigues many of us, and when you hear of the theory of "everything", how are we to solve all the variables in life? And yea, maybe the universe is a dog, and how can we falsify that reason, if it "appears"...
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    Chat is Open 1/18/09

    Sundays and a few hours? When will these "few hours" be? (since some of us from almost 12+ hours different time zones!!!!) Thank you!!!
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    Renewable Energy- I have a Dream

    Free, clean energy perhaps Fusion energy, which is still very difficult to produce in a large scale. Is that categorised under nuclear physics? By the way, I'm currently studying for my HCS(High School Cert) which is equilvalent to the cambridge/london A-Levels. If i decide to do my...
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    Renewable Energy- I have a Dream

    Renewable Energy--- I have a Dream Three years ago, I found PF and was at this very same crossroad. Medcine? Or Phyical/Natural Science???? I have this dream, to help creat free energy. Where does that fall into? An engineering course or straight away work for a pHd, running around in...
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    Programs Doind double majors-physics n maths

    Re:previous thread. Please help me out in my last post. It has not been replied for two years. Thanks a bunch. E=mc(square)
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    Physics Advice for career switch into physics?

    Question..... Since all of you loved/love physics.... Why didn't you all do your B.Sc in Physics from the beginning.... *laugh out loud*
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    Factorising a differntiated equation

    but i still do not get the chain rule. my text book says that , by the waY.
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    Factorising a differntiated equation

    Oh oh, i got the last part , now(had to work it out in a piece of paper first...oops)
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    Schools Is admission/funding to US public graduate schools harder for international student?

    Is it easier for international students to be admitted into Colleges(Us) in Europe, for instance Germany or the UK? And funding???? All three countries have almost the same quality of studies and research, don't they?
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    Factorising a differntiated equation

    I do not understand why is it so does not the chain rule state that dy/dx=dy/du *du/dx hence, when y= U^n dy/dx= (nu^n-1) * (du/dx) so v = (4x-3)^1/2 then dv/dx=1/2(4x-3)^(1/2 -1 ) *(4) =2(4x-3)^-1/2 (correction to my previous equation with that was...
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    Factorising a differntiated equation

    Hello there, I'm quite weak in factorising functions,especially those with indices. I would appreciate any link on these kind of factorisation or even some tutoring on it. this is a question I'm stuck in. y=(2x+3)(4x-3)^1/2, show dy/dx can be written in the form kx/(4x-3)^1/2 my...
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    Documentary about the geniuses of the past millenium

    hello everyone... Well I've always wanted to do something with physics or maths and just totally love these two. But lately this ambition was fading away till like a few hours ago when I watched this documentary about the geniuses of the past millenium, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, and...
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    Work life balance. and if you're female?

    I can give you one great example....of a women who can balance both her science career and her whole family. MY MOTHER...THE SUPERMOM! She drives my brothers and I to school, classes and so on. She spends time with all her four children atleast an hour everyday.Helps me out with my...
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    Physics: Fields of study

    i too will appreciate if there were more comments on this thread....ty
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    Colloids solid or liquid?

    Whats the scientific term for colloids?
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    Space physics

    I came across this term called space physics. It says that "Space physics, also known as space plasma physics, is the study of plasmas as they occur naturally in the universe." Is it cosmology or astrophysics. Or is it something different but under one of these branches!?
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    What do girls/women look for in men?

    courage, trust, compassion, brilliance a good physique is considerable! :blushing: lolx btw evo, just a girl to another----we need someone who is THERE for us!o:) so do men/boys----they need their girl to be there fo them too---i think!
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    Resolution of forces(tension force)

    Thanks for the tips and info AM n OD! i shall work it out n present my results n workings , yeah! You both have been great help since i got in to PF! TY for that.
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    Frictional force nudge

    Isn't 3.0g mean the mass of the bead, thus, 0.003kg?
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    Resolution of forces(tension force)

    I still don't get it. But correct me if I'm wrong, the vertical component is not distributed equally to bothe strings in the 2nd diagram. Thus, each string at different angles from the wall possess different magnitude for its vertical component(Fy).
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    Division by ZERO

    I too would like some explaination about these statements.:bugeye:
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    Resolution of forces(tension force)

    The two diagrams show a load hanging with 2 strings of the same size and type hanging from a flat plane. Find the tention on each string for both situations. I know that Fy of both strings in Diagram 1 are equal. Fy=Fy Thus the...
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    IQ and the universe

    Components of intelligence Component tests are generally designed and selected because they are found to be predictive of later intellectual development, such as educational achievement. IQ also correlates with job performance, socioeconomic advancement, and "social pathologies". Recent work...