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    Civil Engineering Vs Architecture?

    Of course you don't need an engineer to build (most) simple houses - at least our present contractor and most in general do very fine without one, and all of which I know have absolutely zero post-secondary education under their belt. As mentioned before, civil engineers are brought in to work...
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    How much time do you spend here?

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    Studying Textbook for Calculus [Self-Learn]

    Important question: Have you mastered high school algebra and possibly trigonometry yet? If you haven't, it is important that you do so before attempting calculus.
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    Entropy of a Schwarzchild black hole

    It looks like you got your Latex wrong. Change the [\tex] to [/tex].
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    Integral problem

    From what I can see, that is correct. Now simply integrate through: \int\frac{du}{2\sqrt{u}} and follow through with your answer.
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    Im out of this forum

    I agree. If this forum was not the way it was in maintaining a certain standard for posts, I would of left awhile ago. As for you aviator, I would probably recommend that you humble yourself and try to actually learn some actual physics. -TK
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    Height and Weight of PF Members

    5'10" 220 lbs... Wow, I feel so big on this forum :)
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    Suggest some good introductory textbooks on GR

    Hello, I was wondering if any of you can suggest some good introductory textbooks on GR around the graduate level. Thank you for your time. Yours Truly, TK.